Political Faceoff: Defeat


Though it may be an exaggeration to say that this election is a tragedy or the end of the world, it is not a hyperbole to say that the American people have made a grave mistake.

In choosing Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, the United States has fallen to the temptation of hateful populist rhetoric, allowing angry and divisive speeches which fuel the flames of hatred to overcome calm reason and logic.

Hillary Clinton embodied the ideal stateswoman: experienced, reasonable, knowledgeable and, yes, political and cunning.

Trump has none of these crucial qualities. Instead he is an angry, narcissistic, unstable and immoral man who doesn’t respect women, hates minorities and is ignorant of international relations.

The future is bleak for America in a number of ways, at least bleak for those of us who are not un-educated white males.

Even for them, the future isn’t fantastic, since Trump’s administration will begin a significant waning in America’s international stance.

In terms of our role abroad, Trump will withdraw us from many conflict, align us with oppressive and evil regimes and incite chaos among our allies and our enemies.

He will side with Putin in Syria, acceding to both Putin’s and Assad’s desires to crush rebels. He will start a trade war with China in his stubborn insistence that he can win every battle.

Worse, regardless of his initial actions, the statements he has made throughout the campaign will worry every other country in the world.

Allies who count on us to defend them and their interests will fear that we will abandon them if they don’t “pay their dues.”

Enemies will fear a trigger-happy president, and will nervously accumulate their own stockpile while being increasingly defensive.

He will withdraw troops from many of our bases in allied countries, significantly reducing our influence abroad.

Trump genuinely believes that he can maintain American preeminence while reducing pour role abroad. Domestically, we can expect civil rights to be trampled over. T

rump’s administration will have no regard for minorities of any kind, and will appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will prevent progress for decades to come.

With a Republican House and a tight Senate, Trump will be able to pass laws infringing on marriage equality, women’s ability to choose, voting rights and enfranchisement. Any hope for a sustainable future and green energy must be abandoned, at least for the next four years.

Finally Obamacare, for its many flaws, is a great platform on which we can expand. Trump’s administration will lead the repeal of Obamacare, forcing millions back to being uninsured.

Moreover, the Trump administration will lead to worsening conditions for tens of millions of middle-class working Americans. Trump has, historically, not been a small-business friendly or worker-friendly businessman.

As a president, Trump will likely be no more worker or small-business friendly. Expect him to line the pockets of himself, his friends and family and his business contacts, while ignoring the plight of the middle- and lower-classes.

He’ll open huge loopholes in the tax code for the wealthy while simultaneously reducing how much they pay in taxes.

He may not raise taxes excessively on the middle-class, but the lack of tax income will hit hard in the form of reduced and eliminated government programs. There is nothing positive I can say about a Trump presidency.

At this point, my fellow progressives and I must resign ourselves to four years of regression to an immoral, ineffective and internationally neutered United States.

Science, social progress and the economy will all have their progress halted or pushed back, while our international prominence will fade into history.

How the American populace made this choice is beyond imagining. For the hateful grip of nationalist anger to have siezed and over-powered the calm, compassionate and rational thinking which has pervaded American history is a sad, sad thing to contemplate.


  1. I thought liberals were supposed to be tolerate and open-mined of all people and the views that they share, not sheltered to the beliefs and opinions of just those that share yours. You need to wake up, grow up, and get over the fact that Trump won. I didn’t like him either. I think he’s a terrible person and should not be our president for the next four years. Having said that, you need to get out of you sheltered perspective and understand why Trump won this election. Have you been to the Mid-west or Middle America in the past year? The support for this guy was insane. Signs everywhere. And yet, not all of them are racists, sexists, xenophobic (insert repetitive copied word here), some are actually great people who care a lot about this country and what it holds for all Americans. These people were continuously undermined, unpresented, and ignored by the political establishment for both parties, and its a shame that people like you continue to associate them with the things that Trump has said. They ignore the terrible things he has said because actions are more powerful than words. They want change. They are tired of the status quo. They are tired of seeing their jobs outsourced to China and Mexico. And AGAIN, they are not all racists, etc. Give Trump a clean slate. He’s going to be our president whether you like it or not. Complaining is only exacerbating the situation. Be positive.

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