Political Faceoff: Reject Refugees


The Syrian refugee crisis is just one more issue in which emotional hysteria has prevailed over fact and reason, largely due to the ratings-driven media and “compassionate” politicians looking to score some cheap political points. While it’s true that the sympathy of many Americans and Europeans may be heartfelt, the Left has transformed it into something completely misguided and even dangerous.

The truth of the matter is that the “refugee crisis” is not a new challenge, but one which has existed for over a decade.

First, I think it is important to mention an overarching point which is virtually never discussed in the politically correct echo chambers of people wanting to admit so many. Few would disagree it is the responsibility of the government to serve all current citizens to the highest degree attainable before others.

By continuation, it is the responsibility of a legitimate immigration policy to primarily protect the interests of those citizens already in the nation. For if it were not, and the government was meant to serve first foreign people, we would not have a defined society. There exist many myths about the “Syrian refugees” which must be addressed.

First, most of the “Syrian” refugees are not Syrian. As the Daily Mail recounts, in 2015, of all the 213,000 immigrants logged by the EU in the three month period studied, only 44,000 were actually from Syria. Most of the actual war refugees choose to go to camps in Lebanon and Jordan.

This immediately discredits the narrative that the Syrian War is responsible for the movement. Second, over 70 percent are male and over half of those are under 40 according to UN data. Of course few people realize this because of the media’s constant stream of pictures depicting helpless “widows and orphans.” Those coming to Europe leave no doubt that the vast majority of them are economic migrants.

They demand free Wi-Fi and food from their native regions while rioting against police. They openly state that they are going to Europe to seek handouts from its welfare states. This has never been the typical behavior of those desperately fleeing genocide.

Moreover, they overwhelmingly do not fit the definition of a refugee, even as written in international U.N. law. This is because most do not face any danger of genocide. ISIS has made its mission to target religious minorities in the region, namely Christians, Yazidis, and Jews. About 20 percent of the refugees fleeing from Syria and ISIS are Christians, yet 97 percent of those admitted to the United States are Muslim, according to the Refugee Processing Center.

Yet, we see that Europe and the United States’ immigration policies have become wildly out of line with both the safety and will of the people. The 2016 Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll found that a mere 36 percent of Americans support admitting many refugees and a substantial majority oppose it.

Most importantly, inviting thousands of unvetted people from the middle east undoubtedly presents danger for attack by radical Islamists and children who may become radicalized. Testimony by the State Department shows that all that is needed for entry is a story without verification. We already know that reported “refugees” have been involved in major terrorist attacks.

The Greek and Belgian government investigations confirmed three of the perpetrators of the March 2016 Brussels attack were “Syrian refugees.” Many “refugees” passively support terrorism and Sharia Law, which is a danger to free society by itself.

The Gatestone Institute on International Policy reveals that migrant introduction to German cities has made public spaces perilous for women, and the rate of rape has skyrocketed since Angela Merkel allowed the resettling of more than a million “refugees” from Islamic countries.

Such dangers posed by these migrants should automatically exclude them from entry into the West.


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