Political Faceoff: Anti-BLM


Does anyone in America really believe that the problem that poor, primarily black, inner-city communities face is too much policing? As ridiculous as the notion is, politicians on the left are intent on perpetuating it.

The damaging effect of their convenient lies, however, will not be felt by rich people, like themselves. The law-abiding, black citizens of the poorest communities will bear the burden of police forces, which have to operate in constant fear of reprisal for the use of legitimate force.

The most commonly cited evidence of the racism of the American criminal justice system is that blacks are arrested, incarcerated and killed by police disproportionately to their 13 percent share of the population. Saying, however, that this is evidence or proof of racism is an entirely dishonest use of statistics.

The relevant group of people to incarcerate is not the American people as a whole, but rather those people who are engaged in violent criminal activity. Bureau of Justice data shows that blacks are much more likely to engage in these criminal acts.

In 2009, blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the 75 largest counties in the U.S., while only representing 15 percent of the population of these counties.

The violent crime rate explains the disparity between races in interactions with police. Is there then evidence that police use of lethal force is motivated by race? While cops killed nearly twice as many whites as blacks in 2015, 26 percent of those killed were black.

Most of these presented the officer with potentially lethal force. By the data above in violent crime participation, it would actually be expected that more blacks would be killed by police than actually are.

Unfortunately, no police unit can ever be perfectly trained, and mistakes are inevitably made.

While deaths at the hands of the law are undoubtedly tragic, activists are all too ready to castigate the entire criminal justice system.

It is entirely appropriate that police who use force illegally should be subject to the full penalty of the law if they are proven guilty; however,t evidence shows that the actions of police are not driven by race.

In truth, more enforcement of criminal justice would be a boon to the most vulnerable black neighborhoods. It would take 40 years of black Americans killed by cops to equal the number of those killed in a single year by other blacks.

More importantly, according to FBI numbers, in 2014 about 90 percent of blacks killed were killed by other blacks. It is clear to see that an attack on the violent crime rate in black communities would be by far the most effective way to save black lives.

Demagogues and Black Lives Matter refuse to look at the real problems facing the black community. They would rather pin the deaths of young men and women on an external source.

Their actions will endanger the people who rely on the police the most, largely black people.

Being a police officer requires the ability to make instant life-or-death decisions to protect the innocent. This decision cannot be made rightly while the government threatens the careers and freedom of the officers themselves


  1. I’m sharing this article for people to get a better understanding of the issues discussed in this “piece.” After reading this Washington Post article, you’ll see the author of this Concordy article deceivingly uses violent crime rates to justify shooting of black people, even though research shows there is no correlation between the two. You’ll also see that his reference to black on black crime as the main problem facing black communities is bogus because white on white crime is at a similar rate (and not to mention that police are paid with public funds to protect citizens and often receive no punishment for their actions and criminals who murder are convicted or, in some cases, ignored because the justice system does not value black lives). The author ignores the long history of excessive force used by police officers in black communities and the culture of white supremacy that has fostered racial bias in almost every aspect of life and overwhelmingly benefited white people. The evidence, as reported in this Washington Post piece and other research, does show that actions taken by police in these types of incidents are often driven by race. You’ll also see that the Concordy author ignores the fact that there are many organizations and groups combatting violent crime already and BLM attempts to target a different problem America faces. And, a vast number of other issues that the author of the Concordy article ignores to justify police brutality and suggest that black people are prone to crime. Please, read the article (link below) if you want a much better representation of the issues this Concordy article ignores and rejects.


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