Student gives us a preview of the upcoming Clinton vs. Trump Presidential Debates


This Monday’s presidential debate is set to break records, as over 100 million viewers are expected to tune in to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battle in a way we have never seen before this election. For better or for worse, however you see it, Donald Trump will be taking his infamous, ultra provocative and controversial self to the debate stage. His past includes stints in the WWE, running the Miss Universe Pageant and screaming “you’re fired” in his popular show “The Apprentice.”

While many liberals, political scientists and college educated millennials might view this as evidence of the downturn of American democracy, the non-educated and non-politically aware citizens of our country are excited to see the unpredictable and unrestrained Trump debate against someone who represents the establishment in America.

It is not hard to see why so many working class Americans are now so involved with politics and why they are so invigorated by Trump who is bringing a shallow and simple political message along with entertainment that has never been seen before in politics.

On the other side is Hillary Clinton. She is clearly the more experienced candidate, serving as First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State.

She has been endorsed by President Obama, famous media personnel and almost every mainstream newspaper and news network. Her base is largely composed of college educated individuals, minorities, and the under-30 crowd. She carries a professional political poise that her voters hope she uses to extinguish Trump’s strategy of using impassioned arguments that are often unpredictable and arguably air on the side of bigotry at times.

The Presidential Debate taking place on September 26 has arguably the largest implications of any political event so far in this election, along with the next two debates that take place on October 6 and October 19. Polls have already shown that the Presidential Debates will be significant for almost a 3rd of voters in choosing their candidate for president.

During these political battles of large magnitude, each candidate will be formulating strategies as how to best attack and defend themselves during the ninety minute debate. On Trump’s side he will likely continue to accuse Hillary of being crooked and representative of the establishment.

While this statement is pretty incendiary, it does have some soundness in that Hillary has encountered a number of scandals so far this election that do seem to have hurt the trust of many voters. These include, but are not limited to, her voting record, her receiving large donations from special interest groups, her private email server, her role in Benghazi and denying accusations of her health and then shortly after collapsing outside the 9/11 memorial.

Whether you see any of these scandals as valid or not is besides the point, Trump will continue to use these examples to try to sway the American public, especially the working class, in saying that Hillary is corrupt and untrustworthy or “crooked.”

Hillary will continue to call out Trump, especially on his social stances on minorities, women and Muslims. She will try to expose him for his lack of political knowledge and experience and will try her best to show the American public that he is utilizing fear, racism, sexism and xenophobia to mobilize his base.

Trump and Hillary are currently both very even in the polls. We will see how this changes after the debate on Monday, September 26 and the following two in October as well. All three debates have the potential to alter the course of the election and to ultimately decide the next President of the United States.


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