Student sees slight improvement in Union dining options


Every time I go home for break my mom asks: “Have you lost weight? You look thinner.” I was not one to gain the ‘Freshmen 15,’ but I have continued to lose more weight with each term. Why? Well, I’m walking and exercising more, but I also don’t eat as much.

 Upper Class Dining Hall’s new selection of healthy food and a yogurt bar has been met by approval from students. (Concordiensis I Anna Klug)

Upper Class Dining Hall’s new selection of healthy food and a yogurt bar has been met by approval from students. (Concordiensis I Anna Klug)

It is no secret that Union is not well-known for its dining halls. When my parents came to drop me off for my first field hockey preseason, we ate at Dutch Hollow.

I was so nervous about trying out that I only ate a cup of fruit that day, while my mom had a BLT and dad ate a turkey sandwich. My dad summarized his dining experience up with one harsh sentence: “the food here is terrible.” Now, I do not intend to go on a rampage about the lack of variety and quality of food.

I will admit that the issue is being addressed and there have been noticeable changes, such as the fruit bar in Upper and smoothies in Rathskellar. Actually, this past week, Upper served sweet potatoes garnished with coconut flakes. My roommate and I couldn’t believe our eyes! We actually congratulated the staff. I wouldn’t say we can compete with Skidmore’s dining hall at this period in time, but students are noticing the effort put forth, and we applaud it.

Last year, I would go months without seeing a berry of any kind, and I would eat the same four vegetables for dinner every night. My friends and I would joke about how much time had passed since we had access to fresh fruits and vegetables, but the topic would eventually aggravate us. Not only have I progressively seen more fruits and vegetables, but I also haven’t found a bug in my food yet!

There have been some complaints about bugs in salad, and I admit I have found a few on my own plate, but the answer was always: “It’s salad, sometimes there are bugs because it is fresh.” This fall, I was in West with a friend who decided to make a waffle, but she found an earwig baked right into it. How do you explain that? The batter must be really fresh.

Maybe the bugs have found better hiding spots, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t lingering in the food anymore. Although I complain about the food a lot, there are some positives to Union’s dining services. For one, it makes me appreciate the little things.

I will never take the food my parents buy for granted, and I understand how fortunate I am to have food to eat on a daily basis. Secondly, it has helped me establish routine and disciplined eating habits. Every Friday, I look forward to eating lunch at Ozone Café, and every Friday or Saturday night I will wander over to Rathskeller for a mocha milkshake. My milkshake habit is definitely one that needs to be broken, but it encourages me to go to the gym everyday to earn it.

I appreciate the progress in the dining halls, and I hope to see it continue.


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