Political Faceoff: Pro-Life


The Unspoken Truth of Abortion America is a country with many virtues.

Our country was founded as the greatest social experiment in unleashing the power of the individual. In this regard, America has been remarkably successful. Never before in human history has a people realized such a high degree of freedom and prosperous standard of living.

Our country has fought through great conflicts for equality, including the civil war and civil rights movement. The effects of these movements are still felt today, and we see that America exists in a greater state of equality than ever before.

But even today, there are people in the United States and other parts of the world who are not treated as equals. Sadly, these people have no voice to speak for themselves, and our society commits genocide against them. These people are the unborn of our own nation.

Instead of seeing the dignity and worth in every human life, many choose an easy path of rationalization for the taking of a human life. Most often, pro “choice” advocates will claim one of several reasons why an unborn child is not a human being, and therefore does not have a right to life.

Most common is the statement that an unborn baby is not born yet, and to be a human being one must be born. This on its face is an absurd statement. What about the process of being born makes one alive? We do not decide what is living based on its physical location. We, by human nature, know that what is alive moves, uses energy, grows and develops, responds and adapts to its environment.

We know living things instantly when we see them. All the qualities of life are recognizable in the life of an unborn child. Most women who seek an abortion do not understand the development of a baby, and do not realize that within the first weeks a child will have developed limbs, nerves, and even functioning organs.

Consider this: many pro¬ “choice” proponents advocate for laws restricting women seeking an abortion from seeing an ultrasound, even should they ask.

Why is this? Because it is in the interest of abortion clinics to never let a woman have any sense of the living qualities of her child. An ultrasound shows her these qualities in a powerful way. The usual line of defense after this is the argument from awareness.

Often, proponents of abortion will argue that unborn babies are not self-aware, and cannot be alive. This flies in the face of the argument that life is determined at birth. If it were true that being self-aware bestowed life, then many other people would not be alive.

Young children and some of the mentally handicapped, for instance, are not thought to be self aware. Yet, few in this country are arguing in favor of infanticide or euthanasia.

Rather, we think of those people as having rights and dignity. Moreover, being dependent on another does not eliminate one’s humanity. If this were the case, why would we not kill the diseased, the young, and the disabled alike?

The truth is that abortion seems a convenient work around for the hardships of life. Behind the facade however, there is a terrible storm of death that has claimed the lives of millions of humans who never had a voice or the chance to defend themselves, and this is a storm that rivals the catastrophic and tragic genocides of the 20th century.

The only difference is that it is easier to disguise. That is truly the greatest indictment of America that has yet existed.


  1. First of all, America does not have the highest standard of living in the world. Look at countries like Ireland, Norway, Australia and Germany just to name a few. In fact, we rank 8th in the world in highest standard of living in many categories.
    Your article is full of stigmatism. This false and negative stigmatism only furthers ignorance on the matter. Perhaps that is why this article is full of weak defenses that do not fully address you’re actual opposition.
    Most women do not decide to receive an abortion due to a simple “lack” of education on the development stages of a fetus. Besides that, you claim that women merely rationalize that a fetus is underdeveloped and therefore they can claim it is not yet a human. While I can appreciate your argument that we should value human life, you do not address any other arguments. Most “pro-choice” arguments actually cite social issues. Perhaps, you could read the pro-choice article in this weeks paper that address the, more common, issues that pro-choice individuals usually cite as evidence for their argument.

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