B. A. Gilman Scholarship funds student’s term abroad


Studying abroad was one of the most exciting experiences of my life and it wouldn’t have happened without a scholarship.

I went to Brazil for my term abroad in the fall of this year, and I cannot wait to share my experiences. One of the excursions for the term was five days in Recife in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Recife is a city in Pernambuco that is located in the northeastern part of Brazil. It is well known for its beaches because of its proximity to the ocean. Beaches there are a source of income as this makes it extremely attractive for tourists. That was us!For those five days, life was amazing.

Life seemed to be much calmer. Food was cheaper. The people had a different Brazilian accent. Drinks were tastier. The beach was amazing. The heat from the sun was hotter.

Oh, and the sunset much earlier—it was dark by 6pm. These differences assure me that I made the right choice to come to Brazil of all places. Knowing me, there was no way that I would have made this trip on my own. Recife is a cool place and I would definitely come back. This excursion was one of the many things that stood out in Brazil. But it was made possible by a scholarship that I applied to.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. It awards scholarships up to $5000 scholarships to those who receive the federal Pell Grant and will be studying abroad for more than four weeks.

Without this scholarship, I would not have enjoyed myself as much as I did abroad. If you’re interested in going abroad, apply for this scholarship on http://www.iie.org/programs/gilman-scholarship-program. This is a great opportunity!


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