Parking tickets increase student’s frustration


As Union students, we all know there are countless perks to our small liberal arts school.

Some of these perks include our ability to walk through Reamer Campus Center and pass probably more than a few people that we know and the small class sizes that allow us to know our professors.

There is, however, a widespread disappointment among students with Union’s parking availability, and even more so with Campus Safety’s quick ticketing of students parked anywhere besides the spots designated by their parking stickers.

As a student with a car, I completely experience the frustration, since there truly never seem to be enough spots. It sometimes feels as if tickets are an inevitable and expensive trap, one that needs to be remedied.

Although I know that there are rules, and that freshmen are not allowed to have cars, I also know that many do, and many even gain access to parking stickers which allow them to park in lots designated for only sophomores.

If these lots only have enough spots for what the school predicts will be the number of sophomores and above with cars, we already have a serious problem.

Too many times I, or a friend, have pulled out of a spot in a parking lot with a serious worry that upon returning, I will be unable to find another spot in the same parking lot, and will be forced to park at another dorm,

The spots at dorms like Fox are competitive, and looking for one will almost always disappoint.

There is also an issue with parking at sororities and fraternities when there are hockey games, as spots are nearly all full with cars coming to watch the game.

Students looking to park near their rooms are forced to find a spot far away or to park illegally and more than likely be fined $25 or more by Campus Safety.

Quite literally, students are forced into the only parking spot they can find, and then Campus Safety will immediately charge them.

It seems pretty unfair to penalize students for something out of their control, especially when the parking situation is quite a frustration for them.

They look for parking close to the place in which they live, only to find cars crammed in nearly every spot.

Perhaps on days like these, Campus Safety’s ticketing could become more lenient and understanding.

When going to Reamer, especially when it is cold out, sometimes it is more convenient to drive there if someone is just picking up food quickly or if on the way back from a trip off campus.

There are, however, so few spots for students to use at Reamer that one’s odds of finding parking are nearly impossible.

There are about four spots that students can legally use to park in, which seems quite small, as there are a lot of spots surrounding Reamer, but all of them are reserved for delivery vehicles, rental vehicles, and more.

Therefore, if a student has driven to Reamer, they are likely going to be forced to end up finding a parking spot far away and walking over, adding time to an act they did to attempt to save it.

I have noticed that while at any time every single one of the student spaces will be occupied, these college designated vehicles are never taking up more than once space at a time, so one or more of them could certainly be converted to accommodate students.

Often, I will see students double parked in the designated spots, or parked in random places with hazards flashing, and I can’t say that I blame them.

Reamer is such a common spot to be it seems ridiculous that there is so little parking there, and I think something needs to be done about this.

While I am not quite certain if the fix is to open up more spots, to enact a more lenient policy on Campus Safety’s part, or a mixture of both, I know something should change.

The frequent ticketing of students is a common frustration among the Union community.

Whether or not it is the school’s intention, many students have cars, and ticketing them constantly is simply unfair.



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