Construction on Visual Arts disrupts student life

(Caitlin Williams | Concordiensis)

Don’t get me wrong; I am a big supporter of the arts.

I really enjoy them and one of my favorite places to go in New York City is the Metropolitan Museum.

With all this being said though, I find it very difficult to appreciate the generous and fantastic $11 million endowment we were given for a new arts building when the constructions begins at five or six in the morning almost every day of the week.

As a Messa House resident, the construction occurs behind both Messa House and Wold House and is anticipated to occur the duration of the whole year.

However, as a result of this construction, I no longer need an alarm to wake me up for classes because I will be up significantly before my alarm thanks to the insistent beeping of the trucks and loud crashing and banging of the construction.

I find it completely disrespectful that the construction for this project can’t begin when at least the first class of the day starts.

It brings up the question what is more important: money or the students who are currently here.

I am aware that a deadline for this project needs to be made; however, just because only the people who live in Messa House and Wold House can hear the construction and get their sleep disrupted by no means makes the timing of the construction “okay.”

In order to function properly as a person you need at least seven hours of sleep, I find that hard to achieve when I become rudely woken up in the morning.

Yes, I have my window closed to try and lessen the noise, but it might as well be open because I can hear everything crystal clear.

This interruption in my sleep not only disrupts my ability to function, but also getting enough sleep to do well in class.

I find it appalling the blatant disregard for the students that live in Wold House and Messa House by how the construction is handled and the absurd times that it begins.

In order to study and live well, students need quiet space.


  1. I argued with myself to dignify this article with a response. You think you’re inconvenienced? Imagine being a visual arts student who has to take a year of classes in random rooms that don’t support the artistic endeavors being practiced in them. Now, imagine if I had ANOTHER year of that. Get a pair of headphones, for christ’s sake. You clearly have no understanding of building construction processes or union (as in, worker’s unions) practices. The world doesn’t revolve around you and your minerva building.

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