Your vote matters, even if the options are poor


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President Obama’s last term is coming to an end a little less than a year from now. Both Democrats and Republicans have reason for remorse; Democrats for the last hurrah of one of their most inspiring leaders, and Republicans for the destructive consequences of Obama’s last eight years.

One wonders who will take up the title of President of these United States. So this year, women and men will line up outside the local polls to vote for who they want to rule over them in Congress and the White House.

I don’t want to be among them now that I’m eligible to vote, but I fear I must or I’ll get blamed for the terrible candidates chosen by either party. Every American has a right and the civil obligation to vote after all.

Republican supporters blame the swing voters who went Democrat, for whatever reasons. They conjure up ideas about why the country is falling apart, whether from moral indecency, government mismanagement of the economy or politicians sucking up to minorities and specials interests. Whether or not there is any validity to their claims remains to be seen.

The Democratic supporters fall into the same boat, so don’t think they’re any more blameless.

In fact, America’s established Democrat and Republican parties occupy opposite sides of the same coin, politicians who profit from an immoral and failing government, but most of all, your vote.

Contrary to popular belief, when the Great Depression started, President Hoover and Congress came together to create a huge spending plan to get Americans back to work, create even more jobs, improve infrastructure and restore the economy to its former glory. Wait a minute — doesn’t that sound like FDR?

Indeed, FDR continued Hoover’s plan to restore the economy in what became known as the New Deal. The Hoover Dam was named after the president who had passed the first of many of these bills into law. We don’t call it the FDR Dam, even though the structure was built during his administration. Many people mistakenly believe the New Deal ended the Great Depression, much like how doctors believed for centuries that drinking elemental mercury produced immortality.

We are in another election much like every other election in history, completely pointless in the long-run. That makes modern elections much less fun.

Nobody alive remembers the days when candidates had their supporters bring beer to the polls for constituents along with a baton-wielding mob to encourage the undecided.

Now, the candidates just threaten that you’ll lose your job, America will stop being America, some minority group will take over and ruin the country, welfare programs will disappear, and on and on until we can’t hear the cacophony anymore because we’re six feet under. Unfortunately, our ashes and skeletons will still pick up the vibrations.

Right now, the current cadre of candidates include an insane person (take your pick), a disbarred lawyer, a Republican billionaire who until recently was a Democrat, someone who wants to take more than half of your income to pay for programs that you may or may not support, just to name a few. These are the candidates of the people. I’m thankful I’m not one of those people.

None of the Democrat or Republican candidates are worth supporting. As a result, every candidate I’ve supported has lost, except for Obama, but like many Americans my support for him wavered faster than the economy.

So my fellow Americans, take up your right to vote. Vote for the candidate to run your life for four years, who will join the presidential traditions on spying on the American people, will take away your liberties for the good of the country, will sleep with the Wall Street bankers while decrying them in public, will flaunt their support for liberty and freedom while occupying foreign lands, waging war on the taxpayer’s dime and finding scapegoats to foist America’s problems on.

I’ll vote in the local elections. At least there I’ll have a better chance of getting to know the candidates.

I’ve been in the same room as my hometown’s representative in our state legislature, lived down the street from members of the local council and have had free access to any town meeting and held the right to speak in such meetings.

Even if I’ve disagreed with these people, they still are more interested in my voice than Uncle Sam.

A vote for the President doesn’t mean anything.

Frankly, the current candidates would make ideal administrators for some circle of hell. Take your pick. After all, it’s your right to vote.


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