Democracy Matters explores the role of students


As many already know, Democracy Matters, one of Union’s clubs with the aim of educating young adults on the power of their democratic vote, has strove to make evident voter turnout in the United States is among the lowest in the developed world.

Furthermore, the youngest eligible voters of our society are precisely the ones who most often skip out on the polls come Election Day, further bringing down voter turnout and depriving the election of the voice from the country’s youthful demographic.

The young, particularly students, have played a monumental role in the development of modern-day nation-states, and truly they have a vested interest in the future of our nation, as it is they who will inherit it. In their hands rests the future of our nation; it will be their diplomacy and their industry that will determine the fate of our nation in the years to come.

For these reasons, it is a travesty that youth turnout has been so dreadfully low in recent elections, with stronger-than-usual turnouts in 2008 and 2012.

In addition to its existing efforts to raise voter turnout and public discourse on Union’s campus, Democracy Matters intends to organize a summit involving local youth from the Schenectady area, where members will discuss the role of youth and students in civic governance.

Not only will the disappointing outcomes of youth turnout be discussed, but so will the potential which this crucial demographic represents and the great change that may one day (perhaps sooner than many expect) come about when this group makes its voice heard.

History has already shown what extraordinary change may be brought about as a result of youth involvement across the world, and we at Democracy Matters believe that it is long past time for America’s youth to reawaken and seize its rightful place in the nation’s politics.

To stay informed of this event as well as other programs organized and put on by Democracy Matters, we encourage everyone to get involved by visiting our Facebook page, signing up and coming to a meeting.

Without mass involvement by Americans of our age group, we can never truly hope to have an effect on our country’s national policy, and will be subject to the decisions of those who have always come before.



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