Bartolo shares addiction story to inspire others


Ken Bartolo spoke at Memorial Chapel last week in hopes of making a difference in the way Union’s student body views the dangers resulting from alcohol and drug consumption.

The speaker taught us a lot, not only as students, but also as members of our society.

Alcohol and drug addiction is a serious subject that should not be taken lightly.

The speaker talked a lot about how he had many failed relationships in his life.

With drugs and alcohol in the way, it is very hard to form concrete and real relationships with people.

In becoming more involved on campus this term, I personally decided to take a bit of a break from drinking on the weekends. With homework and many other things to worry about, it has been so much more beneficial to remain sober and have a clear head.

Many times I have woken up in the morning and regretted most of my actions from the previous night. I was beginning to get tired of the constant fatigue on top of falling behind in my schoolwork. It was time for me to start fresh upon embarking on this school year, and make the best of what Union has to offer.

Drugs can cloud the brain and make everything seem surreal.

Even as a freshman, when I would go out and drink on the weekends I would end up feeling lousy the next day.

It is so nice to wake up on Sunday morning at 8 a.m. and feel refreshed, instead of hungover. Many of my friends and family members have suffered greatly as a result of drug and alcohol addictions; as an onlooker, I have noticed that addicts can sometimes find it hard to see what they are truly missing out on.

The speaker caused my opinion to grow stronger in advocating against addiction and exposing all the pain it causes to both the victims and their family members. It is so hard to do homework while still being involved in the various clubs on campus if you are constantly hungover as a result of alcohol or drug consumption.

The speaker also emphasized the importance of education. He confessed how he had never graduated from college, and how that perpetuated the numerous setbacks throughout his life. Union has provided us with so many resources we can use if we feel ourselves falling behind. I want to continue to take his advice and implement it in my own life.

In my opinion, his life could have been much different if he had stopped the problem right when it started. I feel it is important to immediately stop a problem that is beginning to form.

It is so difficult to realize and accept something before it gets out of hand or becomes a problem. Bartolo also mentioned that he wishes he had stopped before it was too late.

In my opinion, his speech was influential and admirable. Many, as well as myself, can relate to the hardships he spoke about, and will hopefully use his experience to prevent another from occurring.

It was quite eye-opening to see a man like him talk about his prominent failures in life. It made me think about how lucky I am to be at Union and have so many people to turn to during rough times.



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