‘American Sniper’ honors soldiers, is not propaganda


This spring, RPI and Union students will both be able to watch the critically acclaimed “American Sniper” film on their respective campuses.

It was not without commotion, as the screening was briefly postponed at RPI due to concerns raised by the Muslim Students Association regarding the “offensive” nature of the film.

Many students from all over the nation feel that the film could not be more ridiculous and offensive to the memory of a war hero and a patriot.

Cancelling the screening of American Sniper due to its “offensive nature against Islam” would do nothing to help educate students regarding the issue.

Rather, it would only add fire to the controversy and validate that the movie is actually an offensive film geared to offend Muslims.

If the RPI administration decided to cancel the screening of the movie, it would be placing an unfair bias on the film by labeling it as “offensive.”

In doing so, they would not only be creating an unfair bias for the students, but also tarnishing the memory of the brave men and soldiers that served in the Iraq War.

It is an absolute shame that critics of this film have been trying to contort it into a propaganda film of hate rather for what it truly is: a biopic on a true American patriot.

The film honors Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s heroics, and details the struggles he and other U.S. military personnel faced during their tours in the Middle East.

Kyle is widely considered one of the best snipers in American military history, and can be credited for his valor, and saving countless lives.

Men and women like Chris Kyle are the reasons Americans can feel safe at home, as they are willing to put their lives on the line to protect this country and its principles.

For that, the movie and Kyle’s life should be honored, not tarnished.

I applaud the RPI administration for ultimately moving forward with the screening of the film. There is a clear line that needs to be drawn between offensive content and patriotism.

I highly recommend all students to catch a screening at Union if possible this upcoming week, or to catch it on television or Netflix whenever it comes out.


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