College hosts sixth annual PRIDE Walk to ‘Embrace the Rainbow’


By James Segee-Wright News Editor On Saturday, April 29, about 150 members of the Union College community gathered at the Memorial Chapel to participate in the sixth annual Union PRIDE Walk. This walk celebrates the diversity of identities and encourages inclusion on and off campus. Before the walk, students were encouraged to cover themselves with rainbow colored apparel to further demonstrate support for the LGBTQA+ community. The walk travelled around the campus for about an hour and finished at the Memorial Chapel where several student organizations performed, including the African Dance Club and the Eliphalets. The walk specifically made efforts to integrate the Union community and its celebration of diversity into downtown Schenectady to further promote the message. The head of Union Pride, a student organization, described these efforts as “bursting the bubble” of Union and spreading the message of inclusion. Local organizations such as Schenectady Pride and Planned Parenthood were also present at the end of the walk to provide information to students. One student described the amount of support for the LGBTQIA+ in the Union community by stating, “It’s surprising and kind of fantastic that the Union community genuinely cares and makes an effort… the turnout was a lot better than I thought it would be.” Union plans to have this event next year and continue supporting the cause.


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