Pabian ’04 shares experiences in law


Union’s Pre-Law Club hosted a discussion with lawyer Keith Pabian ’04, the founder of Pabian Law, LLC, on Wednesday, Jan. 25.

Pabian graduated from Union in 2004, and proceeded on to the Villanova School of Law. A few years after graduating from Villanova, Pabian founded his law firm.

Pre Law Club President Stephanie DiGiorgio ’17 said, “The career center reached out to me, saying that they had an alumnus who was going to be in the area.” When DiGiorgio contacted Pabian, he was “all for coming to speak with the Pre-Law group.”

Immigration lawyer Keith Pabian ‘04 (left) stands with Pre Law Club President Stephanie DiGiorgio ’17 (right). Samantha Kruzshak | Concordiensis
Immigration lawyer Keith Pabian ‘04 (left) stands with Pre Law Club President Stephanie DiGiorgio ’17 (right). Samantha Kruzshak | Concordiensis

Pabian Law, LLC is a corporate law firm based in Boston, Mass. The firm specializes in representing organizations, companies, sports leagues, sports teams and athletes. The firm started out with four employees back in 2013, and now employs 17 people, including Pabian.

Pabian presented a PowerPoint presentation to a room filled with Union students. DiGiorgio said, “I think the event went great! We had an amazing turnout.”

Throughout the talk, Pabian answered students’ questions concerning law, life after Union and starting a business, among other topics. He also gave advice during his presentation. DiGiorgio said that the advice that stuck out to her the most was to “always ask questions and for advice” and to “be kind.”

Pabian described what he did following his graduation from Union. He took a gap year, which he described as “one of the best things” he could have done. Pabian mentioned the importance of “seeing what’s out there.” Furthermore, a gap year can help a recent graduate advocate for what he or she wants to do, according to Pabian.

Pabian also discussed how he became a paralegal in Philadelphia. Through his experiences, including his paralegal work, he found that he “wanted to have direct contact with clients early on,” and thus realized that he did not want to work for a large firm.

Pabian noted that Union really helped prepare him for his work as a lawyer. He said that Union taught him “how to talk to adults,” as well as “how to write.”

As someone who is a big believer in confidence, Pabian said that Union helped him know “who he was and that he was happy with that.” The smaller environment found at Union also helped him feel like he was ready for what was coming after graduation.

While at Union, Pabian studied abroad in China for a term. According to Pabian, this experience abroad helped determine the area of law in which he wanted to specialize.

Although Pabian said that it can be hard to know what type of law someone might want to pursue, he did cite his experience abroad as the reason why he became an immigration lawyer.

Pabian also enjoyed his time at Union because he was able to study what interested him. He was an English and Chinese double major. Pabian said that he “loved the creative writing classes” that he took.

Pabian’s firm specializes in dealing with corporate immigration related to hospitality, sports teams or leagues and businesses. “It’s a niche,” Pabian said, “but I love it.”

This “unique field of law,” according to DiGiorgio, “makes Pabian very different from many of the Pre-Law Club’s previous speakers.”

DiGiorgio said, “it’s great for networking. Keith has a position open in his office and he expressed that he loved hiring Union students.”

Having three types of clients represented by the firm adds variety. According to Pabian, it is “really fun to have that variety.”

During the discussion, Pabian said that being a lawyer “is a hard job.” He also noted, though, that, “I love what I do.”


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