U-Program invites Mentalist Sean Bott to perform in Old Chapel

Beejit Sarker | Concordiensis

Mentalist Sean Bott came to campus on Friday, Jan. 13, to entertain students in Old Chapel. Sean Bott grew up in Saudi Arabia, and has appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel and the WB. Bott also played a part in the movie “127 Hours” with James Franco. His previous shows have included acts of mind-reading, telepathy and predicting future events. This event was courtesy of U-Program, with the intent of providing the campus community with. “I actually look forward to U-program events every week, and although Mentalist Sean Bott did not show up on time, he put up a good show and made the event worth going to,” shared Robert Harrington ’20, one of the attendees at the event. In the past, Bott has also entertained corporate audiences such as: 20th Century Fox, Disney and Pacific Steel.


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