Shots fired on Union Street


At 2:03 p.m. on Jan. 24, 2017, two Rave Alerts were sent through text and email to the Union community about a possible shooting at 853 Union Street.

The shooting actually occurred on 856 Union Street and a man named Johnny Jones was the victim of the shooting.

According to his stepson, Cory McNair, Jones was shot “in the arm and they [the police] said it was a through and through.”

Local police shared that the 52 year old’s injuries were not life threatening and that he was taken to Albany Medical Center.

McNair’s understanding of the events that occurred are as follows: “He got into an argument with someone and what I was told was that the guy he got into an argument with pulled out a gun and shot him. And then the guy that shot him ran into the house and I guess took my mothers phone and took some money and I –that’s about it.”

McNair was unsure of what they could have been arguing about.

However, McNair suggested that his father knew the shooter: “I mean he must of because how I knew him he wouldn’t have just been arguing with a random person on the street. I think he definitely knows who it was.”

The campus community was informed that the suspect was running away from the campus. An additional two Rave Alerts were issued about the reported shooting 30 minutes after the initial two Rave Alerts with information about the location. The Rave Alerts also mentioned that the police were still in pursuit of the suspect who they “described as black male, 5-foot, 4-inches tall, wearing tan pants and a black jacket with hoodie up.”

Union Campus Safety worked closely with the Schenectady Police Department to ensure that the campus was well protected and informed.

According to Christopher Hayen, Director of Campus Safety, “Officers were dispatched to locations on our perimeter to monitor the areas while emergency communications and actions were being readied. We were prepared to send a shelter in place communication along with any other specific relevant instruction based on the facts.”




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