Student run Chet’s reopens doors to campus community


Union’s first student bar, Chet’s, reopened on Wednesday, Nov. 2, from the hours of 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., allowing students above the age of 21 into Rathskellar to drink, watch the World Series of Baseball and hang out with friends.

Students were able to purchase beer and cider, choosing from brand options including Coors, Woodchuck, Sam Adams and Saranac. Crackers, cheese and grapes were also served as accompaniments to the beverages.

Alcohol prices ranged from $3 to $4 a drink. These prices are significantly cheaper than restaurants, bars and stores that sell alcohol in the Schenectady area.

This is one of the various reasons that Chet’s was initially established: to allow students an affordable alternative to expensive bars. Varun Shah ’18, financial chair of the Chet’s management team, emphasized the importance to Chet’s management of choosing the right variety of beer and cider in terms of quality and price. “We aim to not only make Chet’s affordable, but to also provide students with an ample variety of drinks they can choose from,” says Shah.

Chet’s was also created to provide students with a safer environment to consume alcohol. “Chet’s was established in the hope to provide Union’s campus with a safe drinking space,” Shah comments.

Along with acting as an alternative to expensive bars, Chet’s also allows for an alternative to fraternity parties and other social events that include the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Additionally, Chet’s is beneficial to campus community because it allows for more on-campus jobs, where students can earn money in a familiar location.

Many students have welcomed Chet’s for its convenient location and casual atmosphere.

“It was a great Wednesday night study break. It offered a great opportunity for my friends and I to go out and have fun casually without spending a lot of money,” says James Boggs ’18.

To prevent the consumption of alcohol by underage students, the college gives a list of all students who are over the age of 21 to Chet’s management.

Before individuals are let into Chet’s, an employee checks the individual’s identification card, as well as a second form of ID, to make sure they are on the list.

All who intend to enter must bring with them two forms of identification.

Those who are under 21 are not allowed on the premises, even if they do not plan on buying or consuming alcohol.

The future of Chet’s and what it will offer is being thought of and organized by the Chet’s management team.

Shah comments on what may be next for campus’ newest social venue: “In the future, Chet’s hopes to host open mic and live music events. This would give the student body a great opportunity to express themselves and to experience the talents of their peers. We are also looking at additional food options, and are always open to suggestions!”

Shah also expressed hopes to make more food and snack items available.

Chet’s will now be open every Wednesday from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. to serve beer and cider to any students above the age of 21.


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