Student groups donate sandwiches to Bethesda House


Tikun Olam: repairing the world. This tradition is what Union College’s Hillel is all about. Wednesday afternoon students from all over campus including the members of Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Delta Tau, Alpha Delta Lambda, Cheerleading Club and Wells House gathered at Hillel located in West College to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to donate to Bethesda House’s food program.

Bethesda House is an interfaith ministry for the homeless, disabled and economically disadvantaged citizens living in Schenectady County. They have been providing a safety net of social services to the area since 1992 and are a valuable resource for many members of our community.

The capital district has 12 percent food insecurity and organizations like Bethesda House coupled with the help of students and volunteers are immensely important to this area, especially around this time.

Hillel has been hosting the sandwich brigade for the past few years. This year it was coordinated by Hannah Ellen ’19, the Social Justice Coordinator for Hillel. She organized all of the donations and logistics for the event, as well as popularizing the event among her fellow students.

As the weather gets colder and the month draws to an end, people are in more need than ever. Ellen stated, “the event was chosen to take place towards the end of the month because many people run out of money before the month ends, so we feel it is an incredibly important time.”

Donations made by students and staff at Union as well as families in the community supplied the materials for the sandwiches.

In just two hours, almost 1,000 sandwiches were made and donated! Students felt it was “ a fun way to take a study break and give back to the community” as said Erin Dyer ’19.

Sandwich brigade has become a fun tradition at Hillel that offers an easy and fun way to get involved and give back.


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