Phi Iota Alpha holds dinner and discussion on immigration policies

Kim Bolduc | Concordiensis
Kim Bolduc | Concordiensis

On Monday October 17, the brothers of the Eta Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc., hosted a dinner and discussion on presidential candidate immigration policies in Breazzano House.

In addition to the brothers and other students in attendance, Postdoctoral Fellow of Latin American and Caribbean Studies Joseph Garcia and Associate Professor Director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies Guillermina Seri joined the discussion as well.

To begin the evening, the brothers handed out a limited number of slips with facts about immigration policies on them. Students were then invited to read these facts aloud. Afterwards, the group was asked how these policies made them feel and what they thought of them.

One fact slip focused on Republican nominee Donald Trump’s wish to build a border fence between the U.S. and Mexico, while others addressed the conditions illegal immigrants faced in border holding facilities.

Discussion focused around migrants’ wishes to come to the U.S. to find work and to build a new life.

Some students brought up that the cost of detaining illegal immigrants could be enough to educate them and house them out of the prison system.

These students suggested that instead of waiting to be dealt with, illegal immigrants could be taught useful skills.

Phi Iota Alpha has a proud history of championing Latino heritage; according to their webpage, their “fraternity’s roots extend from the late 19th century to the first Latino fraternity and the first Latino organization in the United States.”

The Eta Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha was founded at Union in 1991.


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