Interviews with the newly elected first year representatives



Matthew Dulchinos ’20

“I am very honored that the Freshman class would choose me to be the Vice President of the Class of 2020. I am excited to get down to work and start making improvements  that we can all benefit from. As time goes on, I promise to keep being committed to our class, and that you won’t stop hearing from me now that election season is over. Remember to say hi to me if you see me on campus!”


Melvin Kelly ’20

“I ran for the position of Freshman Class President because of the plans I held for the students here at Union, such as more information sessions and activities driven toward involvement on campus.I declared it my mission to have the most spectacular freshman year. No other words came to mind when I received the tremendous news except for how I could finally be able to help people the way I wanted… I really would like to thank my classmates and all who told me to pursue my passion for leadership.” ​


Simon Bohn ’20

“I decided to run for Student Representative because I was involved as treasurer of my high school student Congress and I felt a need to continue my passion for serving and representing the school community. As Secretary/Treasurer, I hope to address and solve issues that may occur within the freshman class and find solutions in the Student Forum for our student body. It is an honor to represent our class, and I am very thankful for being given the opportunity to make a positive change in our grade and college community.”


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