Fall Fundown embraces autumn

Students sit outside of Green House during the Fall Fundown event carving pumpkins. The pumpkins were locally grown. Courtesy of Emily Gorin

On Wednesday, October 19, Union students gathered at Green House to celebrate fall at Green’s Fall Fundown event.

Union students planned and put on the event. “We reached out to the local community for locally grown produce, including the pumpkins and apple cider,” said Zach Sayah ’18, who helped to organize and run the event. “Doing business this way felt really good.”

Inside of Green, treats included apple cider, as well as Halloween-themed cupcakes, candy-filled plastic pumpkins, candy corn and cider doughnuts. Students gathered around the table loaded with the seasonal treats to enjoy their favorites. The doughnuts were a favorite that quickly disappeared.

“I really love the apple cider doughnuts,” said Julia Delaney ’18. “It’s great that I was able to enjoy one.” On the other hand, Kate Blow ’20 “mostly came for the apple cider,” although she was also looking forward to carving a pumpkin outside.

The decorations inside helped to set the atmosphere for the fall and Halloween-themed event. Halloween-themed music played from the speakers. “They’re playing some great music and have a great atmosphere,” said Jeamela Guilloteau ’17.

As students entered the room, miniature ghosts hung from the doorframe. The walls were also decorated with skeletons hanging from the ceiling and green spider webs draped across them. Lights that looked like skulls were strung along the walls while the room’s main lights were turned down. Additionally, they had an inflatable Halloween-themed Snoopy join the fundown. “These decorations are spooky,” said Adam Ashcroft ’18. “They really set the mood for the event.”

With the leaves changing colors and the sudden decline in temperature, it is beginning to feel more and more like fall. “This is the most fall-related thing I’ve been able to do so far,” said Guilloteau. “I really haven’t had a chance to have a fall experience yet, so it is great that I can finally go to a fall-themed event. I’m also really excited about getting a cider doughnut,” she continued.

The grass outside of Green featured the pumpkin carving. The un-carved pumpkins were set up to look like a graveyard. An inflatable “Happy Halloween” Minion overlooked the pumpkins, with small skulls scattered in the grass among them. There was also a Halloween gravestone decoration that said, “RIP,” around which the pumpkins were scattered. Many students gathered around with the tools provided by Green to carve their pumpkins. Students carved a variety of designs, ranging from faces to fun designs that they were able to take with them once they were done. Max Shwerska ’18, who also helped to plan the event, “was pleasantly surprised about how the event turned out.” He echoed Sayah in saying that “events like this are fun to plan. It was more than students having fun, as it also supported the local community.”

As fall gets into full swing, this event provided students with an opportunity to have a “fall fundown.” All other Minerva Houses, including Green House, are set to hold similar events in the future, exhibiting different seasons of the year and drawing students and faculty alike.


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