Student Forum Interview: Michael Lippman ’18

Michael Lippman '18. Junior Trustee
Michael Lippman ’18. Junior Trustee

Michael Lippman is the new Junior Trustee

  1. What does your position entail?

I serve on the Executive Board of Student Forum where I am responsible for co-chairing the Board of Elections. Additionally, I oversee the process for the Stillman Prize for excellence in teaching. As a Trustee, I will work with my colleagues on the Board to govern the college to ensure the long-term success of the institution as well as giving student input on the major decisions being made by the Board.

  1. What are your goals for the position?

I have many goals that I’ll be carrying over to fall term. As an active member of forum I had the opportunity to watch how Peter Durkin and Alex Dolcimascolo brought student’s opinions to the Board and seen the level of commitment they have for the position. I’m hoping to have the opportunity to work as hard as my predecessors have and to accurately represent the students at union college.

  1. How did you feel when you received the news that you won?

In all honesty I was shocked. It was by no means a guarantee for any candidate. I don’t think myself or any of the candidates thought the position was going to be so heavily contested. I have the utmost respect for those who ran for the position and have no doubt they would have served Union dutifully and with pride.

  1. What steps will you take to ensure that the student forum plays an active role in determining policies affecting student life on campus?

I would like to encourage not only members of Student Forum, but also the entire Union community, to feel free to share any ideas or concerns they have about our school. If anyone would like to contact me feel free to send me an email or talk to me in person.

  1. Do you have any initiatives/plans that you would want/plan to introduce on campus anytime soon?

I hope to work closely with all member of Student Forum and will always support initiatives that will improve student life on Campus. My time on the Finance Committee has made me aware of many clubs that would like to do so much more on campus. I hope to try and find ways to make it possible for these clubs to sponsor the events that would help further improve Union’s vibrant Student Life.


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