Student Forum Interview: Jasmine Nakkabb ’18

Jasmine Nakkabb '18. Vice President of Finance
Jasmine Nakkabb ’18. Vice President of Finance

Jasmine Nakkabb is the new Vice President of Finance

  1. What does your position entail?

As the new VP of Finance, my position oversees and works closely with the finance committee as we aim to ensure that student activity’s money is efficiently allocated amongst the clubs on campus. In addition, the committee and I will make budget recommendations for the following academic school year, which are based on funding and previous spending.

2. What are your goals for the position?

My overall goal for next year is to ensure that the club’s funds are allocated efficiently. “Success is led by the power of communication,” that being said, I strive to ensure that there is constant communication between the clubs, the finance committee and committees on committee to ensure that everything will run smoothly. I will create a more direct and efficient process for clubs in regards to requesting more money and continue the success with the new budget process.

3. How did you feel when you received the news that you won?

I was truly humbled and honored to have received this position. Couldn’t have done it without the support of the student body, so I really appreciate them taking the time to vote and I WILL NOT let them down.

4. What steps will you take to ensure that the student forum plays an active role in determining policies affecting student life on campus?

I will keep open communication between finance committee and Student Forum

5. Do you have any initiatives/plans that you would want/plan to introduce on campus anytime soon?

  • – Filtered water stations in both the residence halls and Minerva’s
  • – Longer library / Nott hours during the week
  • – Free printing


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