Student Forum Interview: Audrey Hunt ’17

Audrey Hunt '17. Student Forum President
Audrey Hunt ’17. Student Forum President

Audrey Hunt is the new Student Forum President

  1. What does your position entail?

My role is to make sure the student voice is heard in all matters of Union College. I also conduct the weekly Student Forum meetings and represent the student body at many major events.

  1. What are your goals for the position?

Student Forum is most effective when everyone involved understands their role and the procedures of Forum. I will conduct Forum in an accepting and efficient manner that will allow people to take on more initiatives. I do not know the needs of all the sub-groups at Union which is why we have a diverse group of representatives on Forum. I am excited to hear what they will bring to the table.

  1. How did you feel when you received the news that you won?

I have served on Forum under three different Presidents and they inspired me to pursue this role. When I received the email with my name listed as President I was ecstatic. It was an honor to be recognized by the student body as someone they trust with such a respected and laboring position after dedicating so much of my time over the past three years to improving Union for all of us.

  1. What steps will you take to ensure that the student forum plays an active role in determining policies affecting student life on campus?

Since Union College is such a small campus, a policy change at any level may impact student life on campus. The administration currently does well to include student opinion regarding major changes or future plans. However, usually the same small sample of students is involved. I want to encourage more communication with entire student body. Regardless, I will make sure Student Forum stays informed and active in any administrative policy.

  1. Do you have any initiatives/plans that you would want/plan to introduce on campus anytime soon?

Personally, I look forward to addressing excess campus-events emails, creating a new organization for Title IX education, and fostering a creative community on campus.



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