Student Forum Interview: Arthur Schutzberg ’17

Arthur Schutzberg '17. Vice President of Administration
Arthur Schutzberg ’17. Vice President of Administration

Arthur Schutzberg is the new Vice President of Administration

  1. What does your position entail?

As VP of Administration, I have the tremendous pleasure of chairing the committee in charge of deciding which clubs and organizations exist on our campus. Simultaneously, I am also in charge of ensuring student involvement on committees, reading through various applications and filling vacant committee slots.  This is a really wonderful opportunity because it allows me to keep an ear to the ground as to what the student body wants on campus, while simultaneously fostering an environment where students feel like they have a voice on this campus.

  1. What are your goals for the position?

I have various goals for my position. First, I want to continue the tradition of student involvement on this campus, enabling students with the ability to express their voice on this campus. Secondly, I look to have better relationship with clubs and organization as whole. I look to be resource for the clubs and organization to bounce ideas and provide support in various ways. Finally, I want to create more transparency between Committee on Committees and Finance Committee to clubs and organizations, keeping  clubs and organizations in the know about expectations set by both CoC and Finance Committee for groups on campus.

  1. How did you feel when you received the news that you won?

After winning the election, I felt elated. Elections are extremely nerve-wracking, especially when you have such qualified opponents like Ankoor Talwar, so it was nice to have it play out favorably for me.

  1. Do you have any initiatives/plans that you would want/plan to introduce on campus anytime soon?

One thing I would like to see in the future is to more collaboration between Union and the Schenectady community, creating a more cohesive partnership. I would love to see more opportunities for Union students to take a chance to get off campus more often.


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