Second Lieutenant Interview: Kate Kozain ’16

Kate Kozain '16
  1. What are your plans after graduation?

I will be a 2LT in the active duty Army. I’m going to be stationed in Ft. Drum, NY with the 10th Mountain Division as a Medical Service Corps officer.

2. What made you join the program?

I initially wanted to join after my brother joined the Army.  I was interested in pursing a PhD in clinical psychology or an MD in psychiatry to treat veterans with PTSD and wanted to go through ROTC rather than directly commission.

3. What is your fondest memory from the ROTC program?

When a cadet in the year below me told me that I was his role model.  That was the first time I realized how large of an impact I could have on others.

4. How do you feel your experience in the program will help you in the future?

I think that I developed personally and professionally. My leadership skills have improved and I am confident in my ability to plan, prepare, and execute a given task.  I feel as though I’ve improved my time management skills, my ability to deal with stress, and tackle challenging problems.  I also have improved in my confidence, assertiveness, and my ability to work with los of different people.  I  also feel like I am able to prioritize what’s truly important and what I value in my life.

5. Any advice for the upcoming ROTC cadets?Have high standards and work hard, it’ll pay off in the long run.  Also, don’t underestimate the ability that you have to influence other and that the work that you do directly effects those below you.



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