Magician Brian Miller performs for Big Brothers Big Sisters


Saturday, May 14, Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) hosted Brian Kenneth Miller in Old Chapel. The event was part of a series of events that the club hosts in order for volunteer students to interact with the hosted students.

Based in Connecticut, Brian Kenneth Miller is an internationally acclaimed corporate event entertainer and keynote speaker. For over 10 years he has performed for thousands of audiences in 25 states and 5 countries. Recently, he was travelling in Europe, specifically Spain and Italy, performing for families of Navy personnel. He also performed at a corporate event in Germany.

Whether you need cocktail hour strolling magic, a parlor standup act or a full-blown stage show, Brian has the experience and winning personality to help transform your event into an unforgettable success.

Miller performs his unique blend of magic, puzzles, and mind games mixed with a healthy dose of humor at 200+ events per year throughout New England and across the United States. His work has been featured in the Hartford Courant, The Huffington Post, MAGIC Magazine, Genii Magazine, The Society of American Magicians Magazine and in the upcoming 2016 documentary film “The Get Together.”

Miller is also a keynote speaker and youth motivational speaker. He delivered a TEDx talk that has inspired over millions of people worldwide.

His mantra “Imagine if we could all feel understood” has resonated across continents and cultures.

A passionate musician, Brian has also achieved critical acclaim as a singer, guitarist and songwriter. He is half of the group Escher’s Enigma, a unique studio project with his father Russ Miller.

Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, Miller said, “Being a magician doesn’t define me. Magicians tend to see the world that could’ve been and not what is, unlike other people.

A magician could be anyone; a person who sees the world in that aspect is automatically drawn to magic, and that’s exactly what drew me to the world of magic.”

Miller started his professional career at the age of 16 with a job at a McDonald’s outlet.

Soon after in college, he gave a shot at trying magic and has been performing at numerous shows ever since. He regarded his 12 year long career as a magician “Inspirational to many.”

He further acclaimed the easy availability of magic-learning tutorials online and encouraged youngsters to give a shot at learning this different, yet enchanting skill.


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