Lobsterfest Welcomes the arrival of Spring


This past Friday, the Student Forum hosted the much-awaited Lobsterfest. The festival was originally planned to be held outside Reamer Campus Center, but had to be shifted to Memorial Fieldhouse due to bad weather.

There were 500 T-shirts available to students for free at a first-come basis. The design that was used this year was the winning design of a campus-wide competition that was held at the beginning of the term. Students from all years were encouraged to submit as many designs as they wished, and the Student Forum then voted to pick the best one. This year’s winner was Kathryn McKean ’16.

This was also the first year the Student Forum took the initiative of composting food waste at Lobsterfest. According to Dining Services, they diverted approximately 900 lbs of food waste.

Sharing his thoughts after the festival, Ilan Levine ’16, President of the Student Forum said, “Despite the inclement weather, I think Lobsterfest was a real success this year. And it took true collaboration to make it such a fun festival.

The event wouldn’t have happened without all the hard work from the Student Forum members, Dining services, Student Activities, WRUC and USustain. All in all, having a free lobster is always a great way to celebrate spring term and, more specifically, the Student Forum Executive Board yearly election’s outcome.”

From Lobsters to Falafels, the festival offered food from numerous cuisines. Akshay Kashyap ’18, an attendee at the festival said, “It was a deliciously exciting time. What made it even better was the opportunity to be able to sit down with your friends and have a great meal. I am extremely thankful to the Student Forum and numerous other clubs on campus for making this event possible. I believe it is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring.”

Members of the WRUC radio station kept the atmosphere lively during the festival by playing tunes from numerous artists, including Drake and Chainsmokers. Sharing her thoughts, Samantha Kruzshak ’19, another attendee at the festival said, “The festival was a perfect opportunity to de-stress and enjoy a tasteful meal with friends after a long week.

I think the event was held at a perfect time – towards the latter part of the term – and provided students a platform to experience the exquisite taste of lobsters and celebrate warm weather and the spring term.”

Virali Shah ’19, one of the attendees at the festival said, “Lobsterfest was a completely new experience. Being a vegetarian, I was fascinated to learn more about lobsters and I really liked how the festival catered to people that had various dietary restrictions.”

The event concluded at 7 p.m and was attended by more than 600 students.


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