ZipCar arrives on campus, enables easy transport

Mayté Martinez ’18, Sara Taha ’19, Steven Nadel ’16, Ilan Levine ’16 and Sarthak Grover ’17 pose next to one of the new ZipCars on display. (Anna Klug | Concordiensis)

On Wednesday, March 30, Student Forum formally introduced ZipCar to campus. Initiating this new addition in college transport, Student Forum tabled outside of Reamer, answering student questions and offering flyers with instructions on how one can use the ZipCars.

ZipCar is a safe and convenient way to travel, liberating students without access to transportation from cabin fever.

Having ZipCar at Union has been a major campaign for Student Forum since last summer, and aims to provide students with alternate forms of transportation. After deliberation, Student Forum decided that students would benefit from this mode of transportation, specifically first-years and carless students. “The Student Forum has high hopes for Zipcar in the future. Especially with the incoming class of 2020, we feel that many incoming first-year students will take advantage of this opportunity and hopefully, will continue to trend throughout the succeeding class years,” says Michael Stalteri ’19.

So how does this legendary ZipCar work? There are two ZipCars on campus as of March 30, located in West parking lot.

To use either car, you must sign up at and pay the $15 fee. The fee includes a $10 campus discount, courtesy of Ford Motor Co. After you sign, you will receive a Zipcard, which acts as your key to the ZipCar. You have the ability to reserve the car for specific time slots, ranging from a single hour to a whole day!

Every trip includes gas, insurance, and 180 miles (per day), ensuring that passengers are the safest and most comfortable that they can be.

Once you have signed up for a specific time to use ZipCar, you can open the car by holding your Zipcard to the windshield, automatically unlocking the doors to the vehicle. From here, you are free to go! ZipCar only asks that you return the car to the same parking spot at the end of your predetermined time slot.

“Our primary objective is to have the best interest of Union students in our minds when making decisions on Forum. We feel that the Zipcar initiative meets our objectives and will flourish among the Union community,” says Class of 2019 President Michael Stalteri.

ZipCar is a new innovation in the world of college transport- one that is sure to provide students with more freedom and opportunities.


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