UIF continues entreprenuership boot camp


This past Tuesday April 12, the University Innovation Fellows held another event as part of their “Entrepreneurship Boot Camp.” The event allowed students and faculty to discuss how to make an idea unique, and to get brainstorming experience firsthand.

Co-founder of WiseLabs and CEO of Buzz Media Solutions, were invited to speak at the event. They talked about the uniqueness and successfulness of small ideas in the business and entrepreneurial world.

The boot camp is aimed at providing students a platform to present new, innovative ideas, giving them a chance to build their entrepreneurial and creative abilities. It is a collaborative effort between Union College Entrepreneurship Organization (UCEO) and WiseLabs – an entrepreneurial organization sponsored by General Electric (GE)

The attendees were tasked with opening a taco truck and then brainstorming to figure out how these trucks could be made unique and profitable. Commenting on the event, Arielle Singer ’18 said, “Overall, it was a good learning experience especially for anyone interested in starting up their own company eventually.”

Throughout the boot camp, accomplished and experienced individuals like former Harvard Business School professor Dennis Encarnation and former GE executive John Glass have also been called in to hold workshops and training sessions emphasizing running a successful business.

In recent years, such programs or camps have not been conducted by students on campus. The newly-launched Entrepreneurship Boot Camp “is a series of workshops aimed to introduce interested students to the most critical points of an entrepreneurial venture,” said Lakhena Leang ’18.

The boot camp, spread out over two weeks, consists of four two-hour sessions that cover a myriad of topics related to starting your own business, creating a product and pitching it to investors and customers. Furthermore, the boot camp emphasizes the need for ideas to be original and specific to a particular field.

The camp was open for faculty as well as students from all years, irrespective of their majors.


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