Greek social event exclusion policy in effect


On April 6, the campus community was introduced to the college’s New Greek social event exclusion policy. The policy is aimed at reducing micro-aggressions towards specific groups of students getting denied entry to Greek social events.

According to the Student Forum, feedback was taken from the campus community and then a list of regulations was decreed for all Greek organizations to follow strictly. “This list allows students to be more aware of their rights during a social event, as well as reserving the rights of Greek organizations to lawfully monitor their social events,” said Ilan Levine’16, president of the Student Forum.

Ilan also stated that, “In response to this issue being raised, a meeting with the presidents of the Greek councils, the VP of Multicultural Affairs, the director of Greek Life, the director of Multicultural Affairs and the director of Student Activities who is also the faculty advisor on Student Forum was held where they brainstormed steps required to effectively address the problem. It was decided that in order to make change effective multiple strategies would be adopted, one of which was to create a standard guideline outlining reasons why a Greek organization would deny a student entry into a social function.”

The Greek leaders on campus are already accustomed to these rules, however this is the first time the rules have been introduced in a more formal manner. “The rules outlined are not necessarily new to Greek leaders. They know to never let in a student who is found to be a liability due to excessive drinking or violent behavior.

We felt that it would be effective to write these “reasons to be turned away” down in a succinct manner where all Greek social functions would use the exact same guidelines. We also hope that using these guidelines will shed light onto micro-aggressions and encourage students to be more informed and conscious citizens in general,” said Ilan.

Earlier, these rules had been never been written down as a formal document in the college’s history. “The students were requesting clear reasons/guidelines for why someone would be turned away at the door. They were never written down, but they were verbally passed down through the years. This is the first time, I am aware of, of them being written down and broadcasted to the campus community,” said Elizabeth Artz, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

She also said that the college would ensure that these rules are implemented and would hold Greek organizations responsible if these rules were not adhered to in the future.


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