Student Forum special election slated for Friday


Tomorrow, Feb. 19, special elections will be held for selecting a new vice president of administration for the spring term.

Stephanie DiGiorgio ’17, the current vice president of administration, will be vacating the position during the spring because she will be studying in Washington, D.C.

For this reason, a special election will be held to find her replacement.

Three students are running for the position: Sydney Spett ’17, Arthur Schuzberg ’17 and Samantha St. Marie ’18.

DiGiorgio stated, “All leadership positions are important to the campus, especially the positions on Student Forum, because we have direct impact on student life. The vice president of administration is one of six VP positions.”

She continued to say that each vice president has a large number of responsibilities, but, “VP of administration carries one of the heaviest loads.”

The vice president of administration’s duties include overseeing all clubs, which means “updating all information sheets and communicating with those groups and Student Activities on a regular basis.”

If the president of Student Forum is absent, the vice president of administration fills in as president. Along with those duties, the vice president of administration is expected to plan Club Expo in the fall.

She continued by saying, “VP of administration serves as chair of the Committee on Committees, which determines the criteria for all club and organization recognition, including approving all constitutions and all changes made to each constitution, making recommendations to Student Forum as to the status of new clubs/organizations and conducting the selection process for student and faculty committees.”

DiGiorgio said the student body should elect someone who “is dedicated and ready to get their hands dirty.”

To her, voting for Student Forum positions is extremely important on campus. She says the vice president of administration is the real voice for clubs and organizations on campus, which, to her, makes this election very important.

Voting begins tomorrow at 9 a.m. and can be done online. Students will receive an email with the link to vote in the special election in the morning.

DiGiorgio concluded, “I am deeply saddened to resign from such a fulfilling position. I loved it and my time on Student Forum. I wish all the candidates good luck! I would also encourage everyone who is interested in student government to think about running in the spring for a position on Student Forum!”

The special election will determine the vice president of administration just for the spring term. Regular elections for the position and all other Student Forum positions will be held during spring term.



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