Student creates Taskyt, a web app for tasks


Taskyt, a new online service created by Duri Abdurahman Duri ’16, has the potential to revolutionize the way Union students accomplish the various tasks they either can’t accomplish themselves, or just don’t want to.

Taskyt is an online service that allows people on campus to post a task they need done and how much they are willing to provide for someone else to do it for them.

Along with being an easy way to get other people to do tasks for you, Taskyt is also a way for people to make money — if they’re up to the task.

For example, imagine yourself on a Sunday evening watching football. You want Chipotle for dinner, but don’t want to miss a part of the game.

This is where Taskyt comes in.

You can create a task with what you want from Chipotle and how much you are willing to pay for a delivery service. According to Duri, you will most likely be connected in the following five minutes with an individual on campus willing to complete the task.

Regarding the abilities of Taskyt, Duri stated: “At the end of the day, we at Union have a lot in common, and there will most likely be someone who is good at, or simply willing to do, what you need to be done. Taskyt is here to bridge that gap and connect you with that person.”

Duri shared that he had the idea of a service app since his sophomore year.

The idea began as a service aimed at assisting people find rides to the airport or Walmart, but it has now evolved to include tasks of a broad variety of categories.

Duri began developing the web application in early September and officially launched it at the beginning of this Winter term. Jan. 31 marked the third week since Duri launched Taskyt.

There are 349 people that signed up with a total of 37 tasks posted.

Many Union students have found Taskyt to be somewhat of a blessing, providing an additional source of income for Taskees and a helpful hand for Taskers.

Adam Johnson ’16 stated: “Taskyt has been helpful when I’m either really busy or really lazy and I need something to get done. Every task I’ve posted has been picked up within a few minutes.”

In terms of the future for Taskyt, Duri stated how it has become clear that student’s prefer a native phone application in comparison to a website.

He shared: “Once I’ve completed my senior research project [he] plans on launching a mobile application to allow users to use Taskyt straight from the App Store.”

If you’re interested in signing up for Taskyt, simply visit and sign up with a email address to verify that you are a Union College affiliate. Then, post a task that you need to be accomplished. At the rate that Taskyt has been going so far, Duri assured that you will most likely have someone accept your task within the first five minutes.




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