Spoon University is cooking at Union


Applications to join Spoon University close Feb. 20 so get them while they are hot!

The Spoon University chapter at Union got started when Julia Portnoff ’19 and Sydney Block ’19 met during pre-orientation and discovered they were both foodies. They began discussing their passion for food and stumbled upon the topic of Spoon University.

While talking about Spoon University the two realized they both loved the national college organization and wished there was a chapter at Union.

“We reached out to Spoon University and started a chapter at Union. Once we started publicizing, Madison Shapiro (’17) became our third editor. We all founded it together,” said Block and Portnoff.

“Its really exciting for us to see how quickly it has progressed in only a term and half. We were in the dining hall, on Tuesday, and we had an avocado bar, which was really fun,” stated Portnoff.

The founders feel that events will become more frequent once they get school funding in March.

However, the Union chapter of Spoon University has already begun partnering with Dining Services.

“Jeff Kurto is great and he really wants to change things up,” said Block, speaking about the newly hired Dining Services director.

The Union chapter of Spoon University differentiates itself from other chapters by being in a smaller town or city, but still discovering the food scene of Schenectady. “I don’t think many people realize that there is a food scene in Schenectady and I feel that is one of things we try to do. In one of our most recent articles we talk about restaurants in Schenectady. I think it is really important especially for freshman who come here. They feel there is nothing to come here and wonder where to take their parents. I think that it is really cool that we can show people what it is like in Schenectady,” said Portnoff.

Block furthered, “We are planning on sponsoring a new series where restaurants come to the dining hall. It’s going to be Perreca’s, Mr. Wasabi, Happy Cappuccino, and we reached out to about twenty other restaurants.”

They plan on hosting cooking classes and having featuring student teachers.

The Union chapter of Spoon University usually demonstrates recipes for both healthy and convenient dishes; however, more health concentrated articles.

“We have a lot of health focused writers. We have a recipe about Zoodles, which is really cool. We have recipes about ramen. At one of our meetings we had a ramen party, with all different toppings. One of our writers, Emanuel Storch (’16), worked for a restaurant in New York City and he made us ramen one night,” said Portnoff.

“Ideally we want to be the set source for food on campus. If someone has a food question or something exciting about food, we want them to come to us about it,” said Portnoff.

Some event goals to look forward to by Spoon University are a wings eating contest, a donut Olympics, and possibly bringing a food truck on campus.

“It’s kind of cool because our college name is getting out there. Like on Tuesday, we were on Spoon U’s actual Snapchat for our avocado toast,” said Block. Spoon University co-founders give attention to both their writing and being hands-on for the campus; however, most of the other members in the club are just involved in the writing, they are planning on expanding their involvement though with an event planning committee. “A lot of people ask me what Spoon University is. It is really a community of people on campus of people who love food. It is a great way to meet people and have a nice tight knit community,” stated Portnoff.





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