Acts of vandalism in Davidson come at a price


There have been 12 reported cases of vandalism in Davidson House since September, and, in response, Resident Director of Davidson and Webster houses Jenn Jerussi sent an email to her residents on Jan. 26 outlining damages, charges and repercussions.

The email, sent out at 10:26 a.m. last Tuesday, lists four different types of vandalism that have occurred in the residence hall over the past two terms.

Damages include a “hole in the lounge wall,” a “damaged exit sign, ceiling panels,” a light on the third floor of Davidson South, incidents “of vomit in the hallways” and incidents “of trash thrown all over the hallways.”

In total, Jerussi’s email estimates that residents will be billed “over a thousand dollars” for the hole in the lounge wall; $150 for every incident of vomit in the hallways; $50 or more for every incident necessitating trash cleanup; and over $1,500 for the damages to the exit sign, the ceiling panels and the light.

The email states that there were three incidents of vomit in the hallways during the weekend preceding Jan. 26, alone.

There was also an incident on Jan. 30 where a drinking fountain had to be replaced, adding a cost of $1,200 to the charges.

In response to requests for comment, Jerussi elaborated, “We have had mix of low-level vandalism (ripping down flyers, knocking over trash cans) and some bigger events.”

She said that the vandalism has occurred throughout much of the building, and the three most recent big incidents of vandalism occurred on each of the first, second and third floors.

In response to these incidents, Jerussi said, “We are working to increase the RA’s presence when they are on duty. The RA’s have also come up with a plan to make the building a more homey space in hopes that this will incite less vandalism.”

Jerussi feels that “students are angry at the thought of having to pay for these damages. However, I have already seen a change in the residents of Davidson since sending out the email and bringing these issues to light. Students feel more comfortable confronting their peers about their behavior and many are actively working to create a more positive community. This past weekend there were no incidents of major or minor vandalism.”

Jerussi sent a detailed email to all the residents of Davidson Hall at 10:26 am on Tuesday Jan. 26, 2016.

In the email, Director Jerussi details the damages that have occurred at Davidson so far this term and lists estimated costs of damage next to each offense.

For example, in the email Jerussi states, ““The damaged exit sign, ceiling panels, light on 3rd floor south, which cost over $1,500 to fix,” and it goes on to estimate the cost of the hole in the first floor lounge to be “over a thousand dollars to fix”.

Other damages listed were $150 for every “incident in of vomit in the hallway” and $50 for “every incident of trash thrown all over the hallways.” There was also an incident on January 30th where a drinking fountain had to be replaced adding to a total cost of $1200.

The damages listed in the email are much more than any other campus dormitories. However the estimated cost of damages listed in the email are questionable to many residents of Davidson, such as where it estimates the cost of cleaning up trash on the floor to be at a minimum of $50 according to the email when witnesses have seen Residential Advisors (RA) cleaning up the trash that was thrown across the second floor of Davidson’s South Wing at 1:20 am on Friday Jan. 22, 2016.

First-year student Kyler Wang, a resident of Davidson Hall whose parents are real estate investors, commented on the situation of the hole in the drywall in the common area in Davidson’s first floor stating quote, “Recently my parents acquired a new rental property in need of complete renovation and replacement of all drywall. All said and done the total cost of removal, installation and finishing was $6800 for a $2000 sq. ft home – If it is true that the cost of a hole in the wall is $1000 I suggest the school look into hiring new contractors.”

Other residents of Davidson such as first-year student Brandon Dempsey smirkingly remarked that, “If fixing a drywall costs so much I’m dropping out of school and going to go do drywall.” In essence the price points that are stated on the email do not have many students satisfied with the additional billings they may receive from the school at the end of this term.





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