Broderick Shea lawsuit results in $440K settlement


According to the Times Union, the Schenectady City Council unanimously approved a $440,000 settlement in November in the federal lawsuit involving former Union student Broderick Shea.

Shea’s lawsuit was an action for monetary damages for claims that the Schenectady Police Department made an unreasonable seizure, therefore violating his rights. In his lawsuit, he alleged he was the victim of police brutality on the night of April 12, 2014.

In the complaint, Shea states that he was in the driveway of a home on Union Avenue, directly across the street from Union. He was celebrating the victory of the NCAA championship hockey game.

Without committing any crime and posing no threat, according to the complaint, Schenectady Police officers shoved Shea from behind, proceeding to tackle him and slam him to the ground.

One officer was on top of Shea, while another grabbed him by his head and hair and smashed his face into the concrete, according to the complaint.

The complaint says that this damage was so severe that Shea required 21 stitches by a plastic surgeon and suffered a massive concussion.

Despite all of these injuries, Shea was placed under arrest with no warrant, probable or legal cause to do so, says the complaint.

His complaint goes on to say that he was handcuffed and marched through many bystanders as well as numerous print and television media representatives. The complaint says he was not read his Miranda rights or told the reasoning for his arrest.

Shea was taken the police station. While being booked, the complaint states that Shea was called a “long haired faggot” by an officer. His forehead continued to bleed while he was in his cell, so he asked a guard for something to treat the wound and received a roll of dirty toilet paper.

Shea was also refused a phone call until 6:15 a.m. the next morning, says the complaint.

After this incident, the complaint states that Shea has suffered severe after-effects from the concussion, among them anxiety, depression and difficulty focusing.

In addition to physical injuries, the complaint says he has also suffered emotional injury from being labeled a criminal who, according to the police charges had “incited a riot.”

The complaint details that these injuries caused Shea to take medical leave from Union. He returned in the fall of 2014, but due to the after effects of his concussion, he was not able to finish the fall trimester, either.

Over a year and a half after Shea’s arrest, his lawsuit has come to a close. Shea is now completing his undergraduate degree at Penn State University.


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