TVuC makes changes to save group


Recently, Union club TvUC is making major changes in attempts to revive themselves.

The club focuses on producing news, sports and a variety of different entertainment programs, focusing on various events that occur on campus. TvUC targets students who are interested in pursuing careers in film, television, journalism or just want to create TV content.

Students can serve as anchors, reporters, sportscasters, guests and stars of the club’s various segments.

According to TvuC President Kevin Jordan ’18, the club is in an “evolution phase.” Several years ago they lost the ability to broadcast programs onto the televisions around campus. Jordan said there was an issue with an expensive piece of equipment that was never replaced.

TVuC members were putting some content on YouTube, but club activity slowly declined and TVuC nearly faded away in the process.

Both Jordan and TVuC Vice President Anisha Krottapalli ’18 are attempting to make the club relevant again, like other Union media groups, such as the Concordiensis and WRUC. Jordan said he believes that “the club has potential to bring the campus community closer together.”

In the last few weeks, the TVuC offices in Reamer Campus Center have had to change to make room for the new Title IX Coordinator. TVuC has been consolidating and reorganizing their equipment.

Jordan stated that he believes that an “Internet-based broadcasting method like YouTube is perfect for a college campus. Online viewers don’t need a TV, and can watch what they want at a time that is convenient for them. Nearly everyone now has a screen in his or her pocket at all times, and we can reach out to him or her via social media. Online sharing also allows off-campus viewers to watch (TVuC’s) content, showing alumni and parents what is going on around Union.”

If students are interested in producing videos, being in videos or helping out in any way, Jordan encourages them to reach out to him.

Jordan and Krottapalli plan to have their first meeting soon. Details will be provided in fliers in Reamer Campus Center and a campus-wide email.

Jordan stated TVuC is completely open to ideas for videos and series to produce. He said a wide range of topics can be covered, including, “ ‘on the street’ interviews, short films, skits, on-campus events, news stories, talk shows and more.”

Content brainstorming will take place at the first meeting.



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