McCarthy beats out Hull for second mayoral term

Mayor Gary McCarthy, who recently was re-elected mayor. (Courtesy of the City of Schenectady)

This past Tuesday, Nov. 3, Schenectady mayoral incumbent Gary McCarthy defeated former Union President Roger Hull for the position. After the win, McCarthy’s campaign team sent out a disparaging Tweet, took it down and replaced it.

This is the second time that McCarthy, a Democrat, has beaten Hull in the race for Schenectady Mayor.

The Times Union reported that a Tweet appeared last Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 4, on @McCarthySchdy, the Twitter handle for Schenectady Mayor McCarthy, reading, “So grateful for this #Victory in 2015 and the opportunity for #4MoreYears — Hull has no class. What an embarrassment.”

The tweet has since been removed and replaced with, “We’re very happy with our outcome across the city of Schenectady #Elections 2015. Proud of our record, will keep the progress moving forward.”

According to The Times Union, McCarthy has, in the past, stated that he does not control his own Twitter.

The Times Union included that Hull said he had no idea of what the tweet was referencing. He mentioned that he called McCarthy after his win on Tuesday night, but he had never received a call back.

Ed Kosiur, Leesa Perazzo and Vince Riggi were re-elected to the Schenectady City Council along with newcomer and Democrat John Polimeni.

McCarthy began his mayoral role in April 2011 as acting Mayor. Later on that year, McCarthy beat Hull for the first time, by a slim 89 votes.

According to The Daily Gazette, the unofficial results stated McCarthy had acquired 4,394 votes to Hull’s 3,664 votes by Tuesday night. During his victory speech at the Ancient Order of the Hibernians, McCarthy stated, “Thank you! What a difference four years makes. The closeness of the 2011 election never dimmed our vision or diminished our sense of responsibility.”

McCarthy’s campaign mainly centered around how he and Schenectady are “partners in progress” and should work together to keep the city moving forward.

In many of McCarthy’s campaign ads and signs, he stated to Schenectady citizens that he had already made significant differences for the city and vowed to continue to do so if elected to another four years as mayor.

On his campaign website, there are a multitude of articles sharing the various accomplishments that McCarthy has previous made.

The website says New York’s largest nurses association supported McCarthy’s re-election strongly, it shares plans to demolish a vacant building in order to “clean up the key entryway to Albany Street and the Hamilton Hill Neighborhood” and that Schenectady homeowners will see a “modest reduction in property taxes.”

Advocate for Mayor McCarthy Union student Ethan Lubowitz ’16 stated, “The city of Schenectady made the right choice in re-electing McCarthy. He has done a great job in the last four years and will continue to do so in the future.”

Roger Hull’s highlights of his 15 years as president of Union include the Division I hockey team, a weekend of service in Schenectady for students and the renovations of Seward Place and College Park Hall.

A few past and present students were involved in Hull’s recent campaign, developing his website and managing his social media pages.

Union President Stephen C. Ainlay wrote to Mayor McCarthy, congratulating him on winning a second term.

He stated that he “looks forward to continuing to work with him to advance both the College and City.” He added that there will “indeed be many opportunities to do both in the years ahead.”


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