Chainsaws, apples and knives, oh my!


On Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015, world-renowned chainsaw juggler, “Mad Chad Taylor,” brought his talents to Union.

Hailed as the “Evel Knievel of Comedy,” Taylor performed many impressive and dangerous juggling acts while keeping laughs going all night long.

Taylor juggled bats, balls and even requested items from the audience to juggle. At one point in the night, Taylor juggled a 10- pound shotput with an egg and mini eraser.

Taylor’s juggle isn’t just limited to this feat. The daredevil even juggled two knives and an apple while riding a unicycle.

The audience had the option to yell out “eat it!” and Taylor would then take a bite of an apple while still juggling the knives.

His final performance was one of wonder: Taylor juggled three running chainsaws.

But, before he could perform, the members of UProgram had to quickly set up a new performance stage outside of Memorial Chapel.

UProgram members were told that Taylor could not safely juggle the chainsaws inside of Memorial Chapel.

Director of Student and Activities Matt Milless and Assistant Director of Student Activities Adrienne Jensenin-Doray proposed to Taylor’s agent moving the act outside and were given the OK.

Another highlight of the event was when Taylor asked a member of the campus community to join him on stage. Adam Berrada ’19 was selected and participated in the performance.

The event, which occurred during Homecoming Weekend, was attended by over 50 Union students.

Taylor, according to his website, got his start juggling at age 13 on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Since then, he has performed all around the world and in 49 of the 50 states.

Taylor has even been featured on a Progressive commercial with the iconic Flo.

Taylor holds a record in the Guiness Book of World Records for juggling three chainsaws for 78 consecutive throws.

This week’s UProgram is entitled “World of Animals,” and will be held on Saturday at 10 p.m. Students will have the chance not only to see exotic animals, but to meet and greet some of them.



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