Alumnus awarded Primetime Emmy


Union alumnus Daniel Amira took home a Primetime Emmy Award on Sunday, Sept. 20, for his outstanding writing on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

Amira shared the win with the show’s team of writers.

Amira took to Twitter to document his Emmy win on Sunday night for his 12,000 followers.

After accepting the award, Amira walked backstage to find men in tuxedos presenting him with McDonald’s French fries.

Later in the week, Amira also celebrated his win with family members. He tweeted, “At Yom Kippur with my family and they’re fawning over the Emmy like it’s the golden calf.”

Amira, who grew up in East Williston on Long Island, graduated from Union with a Bachelor of Arts in 2007. During his time at Union, Amira wrote for the Dutch Oven, serving as the publication’s co-editor. He also helped to initiate current ongoing campus events, such as Pizza & Politics.

After graduation, Amira began working at New York Magazine. In six years, he climbed the ranks from intern to senior editor of the magazine’s daily online intelligence blog.

While at New York Magazine, Amira was interviewed by Politico writer Tal Kopan.

In the interview, Amira credited Twitter for bringing his comedic writing to center stage. He described the Twitter “philosophy” as, “Just tweet funny stuff and make observations that maybe are somewhat insightful that maybe no one has thought of yet, and hope that it’s useful to people.”

Amira uses Twitter not only to find news, but also to comment on it. Some of his most outrageous tweets include “@greece I’ll give you 40 bucks for the Parthenon, let me know,” and, “How many points would Trump’s poll numbers go up if he made fun of Jimmy Carter’s brain right now.”

Amira continues to be on the writing staff for “The Daily Show” for the new season’s premiere, when Trevor Noah, the show’s new host, debuted.


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