Wellness Fair aims for healthier lifestyles

Three Union students spend some time during the Wicker Wellness Fair relaxing and enjoying quality time with Jenna the Therapy Pup and one of her puppies. (Courtesy of Samantha Kruzshack)

Union’s Wicker Wellness Center hosted its annual Wellness Fair outside of Reamer Campus Center last Friday.

The tables set up for the fair were covered in pamphlets, free giveaways and, of course, condoms. The goal of the wellness fair is to promote a healthy college lifestyle.

Some of the information supplied covered topics of testicular cancer, breast health, date rape drugs and emergency contraception.

Information about the First Year Support Group, Counseling Center and fad diets were also provided in the form of handouts and flyers.

Union’s campus dietician, Diane Pietrocarlo, was front and center at the Wellness Fair, giving advice to students on subjects of nutrition and stress management.

Pietrocarlo, who has worked at many institutions throughout her career, stated, “This is my fifth year consulting at Union and this tops any place I’ve been.” Pietrocarlo stated that the accessibility of the Wicker staff is key in helping Union students stay healthy.

All students are welcome to the health center for nutritional counseling.

Group sessions are available, by sign-up, during common lunch on Wednesdays twice a month, and one-on-one nutritional counseling sessions are available upon request.

These sessions include a nutritional evaluation of the student, followed by suggestions from the dietician on how the student should modify his or her diet.

Pietrocarlo also emphasized that these sessions are not singly targeting those with eating disorders, but all students who are concerned about their diet and wellbeing.

When a Counseling Center staff member was asked about her principal advice for stress management, she immediately stated, “First, breathe.”

Sleep, three basic meals, water and regular exercise were also pieces of advice from the top of her list.

“People typically overlook basic things,” the Counseling Center staff member explained.

However, stress can also be related to more serious problems, such as anxiety and depression.

To help with these issues on campus, the health center staff emphasized the convenience of the Counseling Center, where students can go to consult with professionals, or just to use the “Relaxation Room” on the second floor of Wicker Wellness Center.

The Wellness Fair was also one of many locations this term where Wicker Wellness Center was able to provide students with this year’s flu shot.

Jenna the Therapy Pup was also in attendance, enjoying the shade and the attention of adoring students.

The Wellness Fair provided information, flu shots and free handouts, such as water bottles, stress balls and M&M’s to students interested in learning about health center resources and talking to Wicker Wellness Center staff.


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