Union student stabbed at off-campus party


A Union student was stabbed in the arm by a Schenectady teen following a verbal altercation with the teen’s friend at an off-campus party at 1:25 a.m. on Saturday, May 9.

The student, Thomas Hayes ’16, was immediately brought to Ellis Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries and released later in the morning.

When Hayes was assaulted, he was assisting multiple other Union students in asking five Schenectady residents to leave the party, which was an outdoor mixer held at Carriage House, located on Union Avenue.

Max Barrett ’15, a resident of Carriage House, initially noticed the group of Schenectady teens inside his house and asked them to leave. He stated the group was cooperative in vacating the house, but that he “got a feeling they were up to no good” and “didn’t want them hanging out outside (his) house,” so he asked approximately five other students to help him convince the teens to leave the party.

Hayes stated that the teens “were actually cooperating for the most part, but as they were slowly leaving Carriage, they started to get more aggressive.” He said that he and a few of the Union students engaged in verbal arguments with some of the teens at this time, but that the teen he argued with was not his attacker.

“His friend was the one who ran at me … and I put my arms out to stop him, and he stabbed me in the arm … I turned around and ran the other way … and when I turned around, he was gone, thank God … after that, they rushed me to the hospital.”

When Barrett heard that someone was stabbed, he was initially confused, but quickly tried to regain control of the situation. He noticed “four kids run away, and one of the five kids stayed around — he didn’t know what was going on — and that’s when I said to him, ‘You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying right here.’”

The Schenectady teen, who was apparently attending the party with the teen who attacked Hayes, ran onto campus, past Octopus’s Garden and across East Lane from Golub House, where Barrett caught up to him and “conducted, basically, a citizen’s arrest, until campo came.”

Several Campus Safety vehicles arrived on the scene shortly thereafter, and Schenectady Police were called in. Barrett stated that the teen “got detained, was sent down to the police station for questioning and was released as a witness.”

Hayes stated that the muscle in his arm is torn and he currently has 14 stitches, seven of which are internal and seven of which are external. He sustained no nerve damage or major blood vessel damage, but doctors instructed him that he should remain on bed rest from Saturday to Tuesday.

Schenectady Police detectives are currently investigating the incident and are unable to comment on an ongoing investigation, according to Lt. Mark McCracken.

Hayes was scheduled to meet with Schenectady Police at 8 p.m. on Tuesday and said that police believed they had “good leads on the situation” at that time.

Barrett hopes that the friend of the attacker “might be able to identify the person that stabbed Hayes.”

Director of Campus Safety Chris Hayen stated that the Campus Safety Department “will continue to cooperate with this active police investigation.” In the meantime, he urged students in a May 9 email to “call authorities and avoid confronting individuals whenever possible.”

Matt Wu contributed reporting.


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