Standoff leads to stabbing arrest


Schenectady Police made an arrest last Tuesday, May 19, for the May 9 stabbing of Thomas Hayes ’16 at an off-campus Union Avenue house.

Tyler Park, 21, of Schenectady was arrested at an Avenue A residence after a lengthy standoff with Schenectady Police wherein he refused to leave the house.

Park was identified as a possible suspect in Hayes’ stabbing following Schenectady Police’s investigation into identifying the stabber.

Campus Safety officers saw Park walking with a group of men last Tuesday. After realizing Campus Safety had recongized them, the group of men fled on foot into 1674 Avenue A.

Schenectady Police officers responded to the call at 1674 Avenue A and were able to convince multiple people to leave the house, but Park remained inside for several hours before eventually surrendering without incident, according to Schenectady Police.

Members of the Schenectady Police Special Operations Squad were called to the scene to clear out the residence due to a suspicion of potential weapons inside the house. Police say the home was cleared without further incident.

Park was charged with assault in the second degree, criminal possession of a weapon and trespassing. He is being held in Schenectady City lock-up awaiting arraignment on May 27.

Hayes said that he’s bouncing back slowly after the stabbing. He recently has had his stitches removed, so he’s on the “road to recovery.” He stated that there is still some numbness on the top of his arm.

The Schenectady Police have involved Hayes in the investigation, especially as a witness. Hayes said that he’s been “involved to provide information on the situation and assist in whatever is needed.” Hayes stated that he wishes there “truly was a better way to handle situations like these that may arise at off-campus gatherings.”

He believes that there is “no ‘good’ way to go about removing unwanted people from a gathering. If the police are called, the gathering is likely to get shut down all together. If you decide not to call them, then you have the option of attempting to calmly handle the situation yourself. With that comes the risk of being in a similar, or worse position, as myself.”

At 1:25 a.m. on May 9, Schenectady Police officers responded to a call that Union student Thomas Hayes had been stabbed in the arm at an off-campus party. Hayes said in a May 12 interview that doctors expect him to recover fully.


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