New printing, copying station in campus center


By Caitlin Williams and Erin Wade

The hustle and bustle of Reamer Campus Center has received a new addition for student convenience: a printing and copying station. It will replace the printing station that was previously located in Wold Center.

The former Wold Center printing lab saw approximately 1,000-2,000 thousand copies made per term by the campus community.

The new Reamer printing and copying station has the same resources as those available in Schaffer Library, according to an email from the Communications Department on April 14.

Manager of Printing and Mailing Services Paul Debiase stated that printing prices in the new printing lab will be the same as those in the library, as well: $0.05 per black-and-white copy.

The opening of the Reamer printing lab comes because the printing lab in Wold Center was converted into a classroom after the flooding of F.W. Olin Center last term.

The Reamer printing and copying station is slated to be a permanent addition to the campus center.

Debiase said that this is not the only change to printing and copying stations that he would like to see. He hopes to add printing stations to College Park Hall and the new apartment-style housing that is currently under construction on Roger Hull Place.

“I feel this would be a welcomed addition to our campus, not only for convenience, but also for safety. At the present time, if a student needs to print something and they live in College Park Hall, they have to come back up to campus and print in the library,” stated Debiase.

Debiase does not have plans to move the printing lab back to Wold Center.


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