Biotech company moving to downtown Schenectady


The Institute for Clinical Pharmacodynamics recently relocated its office and laboratory to a new mixed-use building in downtown Schenectady. ICPD specializes in improving the development and effectiveness of antibiotics and uses a mathematical modeling system to forecast the results of drug development testing.

The company heavily invested in its computer hardware, drug assay and wet labs. With their vitro and in vivo translational medicine laboratories, the researchers will be able to best use their devotion to translational medicine.

The new mixed-use building is located at 242 Broadway in downtown Schenectady. According to Albany Business Review, the president of the company, Dr. Paul G. Ambrose, stated that the company hosts clients or potential clients from around the world for a total of about 30 nights a year. Due to this, ICPD will be able to introduce people around the world to the history and town of Schenectady.

According to the Metroplex Development Authority, the MDA will provide ICPD with a $95,000 grant to offset a portion of the move.

When resources or production techniques change, a new location becomes optimal.


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