Bennett comments on snub from D.C.


Last week, the Concordiensis reported that the Union Men’s Ice Hockey team would not be honored in a ceremony at the White House for their NCAA national championship victory over Minnesota in April 2014.

While Head Coach Rick Bennett initially declined to comment, he recently spoke with a reporter from The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative news website, voicing his disappointment over the matter.

In the article entitled, “Obama Snubs NCAA Hockey Champions,” Bennett stated, “I don’t think it’s any different than any other team winning a national championship … if these other schools can make the visit, then I don’t understand why Union College hockey can’t.”

He continued, “I thought what Union hockey did was very special. For a small school to do what we did is a pretty interesting story … it was a special group of guys … I’m not here to make a political statement or any of that because I don’t know enough about the decision … I’m hoping here in the future that someone within the White House rethinks it and we do get the opportunity to make the White House someday.”


  1. My theory for this was that Obama snubbed our team because the students rioted in the aftermath of the game. It was all over the evening news (including this site):
    Of course in the aftermath of Ferguson, the White house press team had to stay a step ahead of the media and prevent themselves from looking like hypocrites. Better to snub a coach and a few people in a constituency that will vote for his party anyway, than to look like a hypocrite to a broader demographic.

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