Admitted students visit campus


On March 19, Union mailed offers of admission for prospective members of the Class of 2019 who applied via Regular Decision, and those students had the opportunity to visit campus last Friday for Admitted Students Day. Those students have until May 1 to decide whether or not they plan on enrolling at Union.

According to Vice President of Admissions Matt Malatesta, to date, Union has received close to 300 deposits, which are all from those who plan to attend Union as first-year students in the fall of 2015.

Malatesta stated that this is “exactly on pace with the same date last year. Admissions’ ultimate goal is to enroll 565 first-year students, so if things continue as they have begun, we should be in good shape.”

Last Friday was the first of three Admitted Students Days, with another this Friday, April 17, and another the week after.

Throughout the month, Admissions is open six days a week, because while many students visit during these Friday programs, others choose different days, and Union aims to supply them with the best options.

Last Friday was the biggest Admitted Student Day program Union has ever hosted, with over 500 people visiting campus.

The students were provided with a full schedule, starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 2:15 p.m.

Some activities included attending a mock class given by Henry and Sally Schaffer Professor of Holocaust and Jewish Studies Stephen M. Berk, as well as intricate tours of the campus.

Malatesta emphasized how current students play an incredibly important role in helping these admitted students make the choice if Union is the right place for them.

He stated that “our tour guides are incredibly busy throughout the month of April and (he) is so appreciative of their efforts to show what Union has to offer, but every student on campus has a role.”

Our visitors sit in on classes, visit the dining halls and simply observe what is happening on campus.

Malatesta continued on to accentuate how potential students’ opinions about Union are “formed by the conversations they hear in class as well as around campus.”

They judge the hospitality they feel during their visit. According to Malatesta, Union does a great job in this vein.

He stated that “students are judging our academic program and the sense of community at the college through the many interactions they have when they visit campus, so (he) is really appreciative of all the current students, faculty and staff who go out of their way to help these young men and women see the many great opportunities that will be available to them at Union.”


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