September 20, 2012

Apple's new iPhone 5 release promises hype and some very high sales expectations.

The new iPhone 5: Apple’s newest iPhone hits stores tomorrow

  The day is soon upon us. The iPhone 5 hits stores tomorrow and there’s no shortage of accompanying story lines. Apple is scheduled to release its newest version of the famous iPhone after seven days of pre-orders coming from …→

Introducing: Beautiful ‘U’: Thoughts on fashion, beauty, and inner confidence

  This week’s topic is beauty. I don’t mean being hot, physically well-proportioned or having an expensive wardrobe. I mean real beauty, inner beauty— the kind that is in your heart, your mind and your soul. I am talking about …→

Caroline Moran ‘13 scored three goals including a game winner in overtime against Worchester Polytechnic 
Institute. Moran currently leads the Dutchwomen with 3 goals.

New coach earns first W

  The Union Field Hockey team played their first Liberty League match this past weekend against nationally ranked University of Rochester.  This was the first Liberty League game for new Head Coach Kelly Harchetts, as well as for the 10 …→

A junior’s perspective: More than just a first-year problem

  Being ranked the number five  party school in the nation by Newsweek sounds pretty cool to many of the people who go to or are thinking of going to Union College.  However, the administration’s pushback to being ranked so …→

A beautiful view overlooking the city of Prague.

Union gets technical: An engineer goes abroad to CTU

  When I got off of the plane in Prague, Czech Republic after an 11-hour trip that began in Boston, Massachusetts, I felt tired, hungry, excited and worried. After collecting my belongings off of the carousel, I got on a …→

Tiny faces many exciting challenges on his quest to find his grandpa’s pants.

Videogame Review: ‘Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers”

  Tiny & Big is a quirky indie game from the developers Black Pants Game Studios (their first release) about two brothers and their fight over, well, pants. You play as the character Tiny and follow his meager quest to …→

Take a look at the new Lamont House!

Take a look at the new Lamont House!

  1. Lamont House is home to social science departments such as philosophy, anthropology and economics. 2. Construction and renovation on Lamont House began last spring, with many of the major renovations happening on the interior of the building. The main goal …→

UCAN: Union Career Advisory Network, Becker’s new job resource

  This year, the Becker Career Center is introducing the Union Career Advisory Network (UCAN) to the alumni community. UCAN is a new 24-hour service that allows alumni and friends of Union College to volunteer to talk to students about …→

Meet a new member of our faculty: Sudhir Khetan

  When Sudhir Khetan made the decision to begin his teaching career at Union College, he knew he was about to encounter a college experience that was quite different from his own. Spending his undergraduate years at Johns Hopkins University …→

Years later, Haiti still struggles to stand back up after the 2010 quake

  In January 2010, a deadly earthquake hit the Caribbean nation of Haiti, taking the lives of 316,000 of the country’s people. Out of the enormous wreckage and loss of life emerged support from the international community. In a piece …→