October 10, 2013

A Chinese student adjusts to American life at Union

Last year, I had the honor of living in an 8-by-13-foot room with Yanci Zhang ‘16, who is a fellow physics student from Nanjing (Nanking), China. Yanci had never been to the United States before coming to Union. Besides English …→

Courtesy of Jamaluddin Aram

International Student Spotlight: Jamaluddin Aram ‘17

Jamaluddin Aram ‘17, or Jamal as he likes to be called, is a student and documentary filmmaker from Kabul, Afghanistan. Inspired by legendary Afghan director Siddiq Barmak, whom he describes as his “guru,” Jamal began his journey in filmmaking. His …→

Padmini Murthy, M.D. spoke in the Nott Memorial as the Presidental Forum on Diversity speaker on Wednesday, Oct. 2.
Courtesy of nyu.edu

Presidential Speaker on Diversity:  Padmini Murthy, M.D.

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, the Presidential Forum on Diversity hosted Dr. Padmini Murthy, who presented her talk “Global Health and Human Rights: Is There a Missing Link?” to an overflowing room of Union students and faculty. Murthy, a graduate from …→

Anthony Montes' "Que Rico" and other works are on display in the Burns Arts Atrium.

Burns exhibit breaks down barriers with art

Through Nov. 22, the Burns Arts Atrium in the Visual Arts building will feature Latin American art that focuses on the experiences of migrants all over the globe. Entitled “Reality of Placement,” the exhibit displays work by artists who, through …→

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Video game corner: Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto series had always been somewhat of a mystery to me. The previous installments of the series have never been able to draw my attention for longer than one or two attempts to outrun the police. Grand …→

This is what the Silk Road currently looks like, after the FBI’s seizure of the website on Oct. 2.

Online black market shut down

FBI shuts down the Silk Road, seizes over $3.6 million in Bitcoins, arrests owner Imagine being able to buy virtually any drug anonymously, with a currency that is almost untraceable online. Until a few days ago that pipe dream was …→

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A shot from last year’s successful game against the University of Rochester. Will the Dutchmen strike again?

Homecoming 2013: Highlights you should know about

Homecoming Weekend. A time of fun, cheer and excitement during which students and their families are joyfully reunited and graduates happily return for a weekend of activity and enjoyment. There are plenty of great features that make Homecoming one of …→

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Gravity: A technical marvel of terrifying spectacle

Gravity opens with a vibrant orchestral swell that subsides instantly into total silence as the screen is filled with a jaw-dropping view of Earth’s underside. From the distance, a white speck drifts into view. As it approaches, the buzzing of …→

Are we doing enough to preserve our history?

Few students on campus knew his name. Despite being one of the most prominent alumni in the last half-century, his sizeable reputation was mostly forgotten. Arnold Burns, who graduated from Union in 1950, rose to become the number two prosecutor …→



This past weekend the Union Women’s Ice Hockey team made history when they defeated Providence College for the first time since the team joined Division I ECAC competition. The team split a double-header, winning the first game 5-2 and falling …→